Magus (Class)

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Favourite Role: Damage
Primary Weapon: Elemental Focus
Secondary Weapon: Chaos Focus
Difficulty: Difficulty 4.jpg

The Magus combines Elemental and Chaotic magics. Deadly blasts of magic are coupled with reality altering powers.


  • Primary: Elemental Focus - Elemental Fire and Lightning abilities build up heat and grow in power the hotter they become. Elemental cold abilities diminish the heat and must be used to prevent overheating
  • Secondary: Chaos Focus - Chaos attacks have a chance to align the user towards chaos. When fully aligned, chaotic magic disrupts reality around the user

Favoured Role

  • Damage - Dela damage to to enemies

Notable Abilities


  • 4/5 - This build does not have an ability that does not consume ability energy, so energy needs to be managed carefully. In addition, builds that combine ranged and melee abilities can also be more difficult