Machine Tyrant

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Machine Tyrant
Machine Tyrant.jpg
Type: Hellspawn
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: Normal:?
XP Awarded: Normal:?
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Hell Raised
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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Machine Tyrant is the last boss encounter in Hell Raised dungeon. The Machine Tyrant appears to be a gigantic double-headed version of Rakshasa, although is seemingly classified as a Hellspawn.


  • Shield - Makes him immune to damage. On Nightmare, this will reflect damage to any player that hits Machine Tyrant while it is in effect.
  • Wave of Immolation - AoE orange runic circles that appear when Machine Tyrant in the centre.
  • Firmament Barrage - AoE red targets that home on a player, will damage anyone caught in them.
  • Can Cast: Demolish - A PBAoE attack.


The theory of this fight is similar to the final boss-fight in The Polaris - Players have to whittle down the boss while not making an errors. The mechanics are fairly simple, but any errors are often fatal.

This fight requires players to be constantly moving while fighting. It is especially difficult for melee DPS characters who may not always be able to keep moving to avoid hazards while remaining close enough to the Machine Tyrant to attack him. Players are expected to have mastered attacking while on the run as well as using Active Dodge to avoid obstacles.

Players, especially DPS, should also be equipped with their own Energy Drinks (Healing and/or HoT), or have some form of self-healing, since it is unlikely that the Healer will be able to reach all players.

On nightmare difficulty, players will need to worry about a fire debuff that is periodically applied. There are two main routes to counteract this debuff: Cleanup and Perjury.

Perjury is a passive ability that removes negative buffs whenever an attack penetrates or hinders. In this strategy, all players must slot Perjury and have a high penetration rating. This is potentially the easiest route as it requires no active triggering of abilities, however it may be difficult for low geared people or some healers due to the penetration rating requirement.

Cleanup is an elite active ability that will cleanse the group of the fire buff when used. Due to the long cool down on Cleanup, each of the 3 DPS will need to slot it and will need to determine their order in which they will use theirs (typically by calling cu1, cu2, or cu3 in chat). It is important to maintain the order in which you use Cleanup otherwise next time when the buff is applied you may not have one available to use. Also it is worthy of note that you can use Cleanup from the well should you die, particularly if you had been attempting the perjury route you can slot it and still try to help should your team be lacking the penetration attacks.

There are 2 main Phases to this fight:

Phase 1: Keep away from ground effects, do not attack while the shield is up, remove the shield from the Machine Tyrant by having the tank lure him through an anima well.

  • Avoid the Machine Tyrant's Demolish PBAoE - It will do significant damage as well as tossing players for a distance
  • Avoid the red target circles when they appear. They will home in on a nearby player, and chase that player until the timer on the circle expires. Players caught by a circle will take significant burning damage. Note that while trying to avoid a circle, keep an eye on other group members, you do not want to trap them with a circle that is chasing you.
  • Periodically the Machine Tyrant will stop chasing the tank and return to the centre of the arena on his own, when he does this, prepare for phase 2.
  • In Nightmare mode, Machine Tyrant's attacks cleave so avoid standing behind the tank or between the tank and the anima well.

Phase 2: Get to the edge of the arena while the Machine Tyrant is carpet bombing the area with Wave of Immolation.

  • Orange circles appear on the ground, getting caught in one of these circles causes massive damage.
  • Initially the circles spread out, trying to convince players to run towards the Machine Tyrant to avoid them. But, then they will spread out from the Machine Tyrant catching anyone who ran towards him instead of of the edge of the arena.
  • Once the orange circles have all exploded, the Machine Tyrant will return to phase 1, typically with his invulnerability shield activated.
    • If possible, the tank should look for the orange anima well that removes the invulnerability shield and try to make his way towards it while the bombing is happening, this allows him to remove the shield as quickly as possible after phase 1 starts again.

Loot Table

  • Will drop 3x from the following table:
Item Type Role
The Black Heart Weapon Blood Focus
Crushed Will Weapon Assault Rifle
Shattered Dreams Weapon Shotgun
Saber Claws Weapon Fists
Taipan's Last Resort Weapon Pistols
Pride Head Talisman DPS
Envy Finger Talisman Healing
Violence Wrist Talisman DPS
Excess Waist Talisman Tanking
Gluttony Luck Talisman Tanking