Low winter boots

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Low winter boots
Low winter boots, black, female, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Feet
Source: Women's Streetwear
Price: 4000 Pax Romana

The Low winter boots are extremely basic, plain boots with no ornamentation or detail. The boots themselves appear very similar to slippers, and the fur lining covers just over the ankle.

Sold By


The Low winter boots are available in the following colors

  • Black - Your basic black
  • Blue - A purplish blue
  • Brown - A medium brown
  • Green - Almost sage green
  • Grey - A medium grey
  • Pink - An almost pastel pink
  • Red - A medium-dark red
  • Yellow - A subdued yellow


Black Blue
Low winter boots, black, female.png Low winter boots, blue, female.png
Brown Green
Low winter boots, brown, female.png Low winter boots, green, female.png
Grey Pink
Low winter boots, grey, female.png Low winter boots, pink, female.png
Red Yellow
Low winter boots, red, female.png Low winter boots, yellow, female.png

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