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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate the winged-lion signal - RECEIVE - initiate the cadence of Saint Mark - WE CONTROL THE HORIZONTAL - initiate the Sandon prerogative - WE CONTROL THE VERTICAL - initiate the simulator sickness - WITNESS - the Venetian agenda.

Entry 1
The Sunken Library, (257,167): Behind a root, just past the Council Security guards as you zone in from Agartha
Once upon a time, there was a sinking city. There was a sinking ideal. Dampness and corruption. Something rots in Venice. But what is time to us? We stand outside. We watch in reverse: Emit a nopu ecno, a city rises out of the water! This fills us with hope.

You are not so lucky. You play a limited game, a few limited dimensions. The camera always pans forward. You can't go back. Everything gets faster and faster, and then you die. GAME OVER.

Entry 2
Agartha, (544,445): Above the entrance to the The Sunken Library. Best to drop down from the platform that leads to the Elite and Nightmare portals. May take several tries to get it, but drop down from a point not quite against the tree, but still facing towards the lore.
There is a better game, deep in the Council's catacombs. We saw it! We see it! The room. You must enter the room, sweetling. A box of nightmares is just the thing. Arturo will call it a whetstone. He'll bid you to sharpen yourself. Will you be a knife, wielded in the fray? Or will you be a scalpel, drawing the Y-incision in the postmortem of the universe? Better luck next game. Entry 3
The Sunken Library, (237,241): In between two bookcases
Ask Arturo about his wild nights. The sighs. The conquests. It might summon a smile to his troubled face. He is of Casanova's bloodline. Did you know that, sweetling? At the height of sensation, Casanova could hear us whispering in his ear. Entry 4
The Hotel, Nightmare version only, (432,329) The lore only appears in the Nightmare version of The Hotel scenario. Go into the main lobby of the hotel, and go to the left of the staircases. Take the first door on the right. Follow the corridor towards the back of the hotel and go in the first room on your right. There will be a passageway in that room that leads to the basement. In the basement go straight ahead until you see it.
Ask Arturo about Tokyo. Ask him about Sarah. Watch despair paint his face. Ask him about the doll he keeps in his pocket. Entry 5
The Mansion, Elite version only, (331,283) The lore only appears in the Elite version of The Mansion scenario. Inside the secret room of the mansion, just to the left as you come into that room.
Venice is sinking. Predators and rescuers are summoned by the same vibration. Do you hear the purple flutter of sails in the distance? Entry 6
The Castle, Normal version only, (216,253) The lore only appears in the Normal version of The Castle scenario. After you zone in, go up the stairs to your left. At the top, jump onto the ridge to the left of the stairs and follow it around to a door. In the door, the lore will be on a table to your left.


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