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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate Yggr's signal - RECEIVE - initiate Terra Australis beacon - ON GUNGNIR'S POINT, AND ON GRANI'S BREAST, ON THE NAILS OF NORNS, AND THE NIGHT-OWL'S BEAK - initiate the ice-cutting cadence - IT JUST WANTS TO GO TO SLEEP IN THE COLD UNTIL THE RESCUE TEAM FINDS IT - carry the dread burden - WITNESS - the Gungne.

Entry 1
Kaidan, (385,305) Under a bridge atop a shipping container, accessible by jumping down.
The spear of Odin strikes true. It never misses. It even pierced his own side. Hangatýr! Nine days and nine nights. Hangatýr! Agony for wisdom. Hangatýr! Nine songs and eighteen runes. Knowledge has a steep price. Entry 2
Kaidan, (310,235) West side of the shipping dock, balanced atop pipes on a refinery construction accessible via two small stairs and a ladder.
The Gungne cuts true. Norwegian icebreaker. Hearty ship. Slices deep into Antarctic gloom. A long trip. Every sailor a shallow riddle. They solved each other long before arriving. Entry 3
Kaidan, (250,210) Top reachable deck of The Gungne, in a crevice between two blocks of the ship.
Darkness now. Into the sightless zones. Each shallow riddle becomes a short horror story. Frozen dreadfuls. Eh, sweetling? Cut the short stories shorter: they brought something back. They left something behind. Which is worse? Old ice has deep memories. Memories too deep for the poor crew to have ever fathomed. Entry 4
Kaidan, (250,185) Main deck of The Gungne, aft.


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