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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

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The Buzzing

Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate Venice signal - RECEIVE - initiate Kaidan cadance - AND IF YOU GO CHASING RABBITS - initiate the chapter's end - WHEN THE MEN ON THE CHESSBOARD GET UP AND TELL YOU WHERE TO GO - beware the rogue broadcast - WITNESS - The Black Signal.

Entry 1
The Sunken Library, (285,157) During the sewer portion of Venice Sinking. At the second level with the two Phonecian Polybolos
We would warn you not to chase the White Rabbit, sweetling. But we stand outisde of time. We already know that you will. Entry 2
The Sunken Library, (313,132) During the sewer portion of Venice Sinking. Above the second pair of lock doors
There will be a summons to Venice. The painting will stare at you no matter where in the room you stand. Eye-gouging is the only cure. There will be treachery, both purple and of shades closer to home. Disillusionment becomes a full time hobby. You may want to kill a familiar face. We advise that you don't. Entry 3
The Sunken Library, (219,306) During the sewer portion of Venice Sinking, after picking up the note, use the door right next to it to return to the beginning of the sewer. The lore object is on the platform you return to.
You will travel by effigy doll. Don't let go. You'll come back to where you started. Only it was not you at the time. The conduit is barely herself anymore. You might not recognise her from outside of her skull. Entry 4
Kaidan Station, (207,246) The lore is under the pile of rubble Sarah moves near the start of Back to the Beginning.
There will be a runaway circus. But no cotton candy. There will be a mouse in a suit, or something like it. Entry 5
Kaidan, (329,586) In plain sight, atop the stairs.
There will be a cosy place full of noodles and swords. The matriarch is older than she looks. Old scars will block her view of the true danger. Entry 6
Ibaraki's Lair (Instance), (317,99) During The Right of Way in the Hell dimension
There will be a hot, damp place, full of towels and mercenary deals. The patriarch will be rather repugnant. Not even Hell wants him. But you will need him to fend off the extended family. Entry 7
Akiyama Building Parking Garage (Instance), (120, 186) During Contract Killers, shortly after being locked in between floors, it's located between two overturned cars.
There will be a place of loud noises and chance and a bouncing metal ball. The master there is mad. Or he isn't. It's hard to tell. He's a Cheshire grin in sharp lapels. His flimflam has everyone fooled. Entry 8
Kaidan, (355,771) Next to a subway entrance.
There will be so many other diversions. But always you will follow fast and follow faster after the White rabbit. WARNING! Beware the White Rabbit. She leaves a wake of corpses. The wake will lead to the Dark Tower. Like us, she is$&!@%@*&^%!@&*$< Entry 9
Hyakumonogatari Heights (Instance), (328,219) During Spiral On the potato shooters guns level,go left and back down.
Signal disruption! Our particle wings tear! A corrupting frequency intrudes. Do not listen to the pirate broadcast. The Black Signal! The Black!@#!@$%#$... Entry 10
Hyakumonogatari Heights (Instance), (251,219) During Spiral mission. Go up to the fifth floor, kill the Tentacular Wretch, and then go back down to the 4th floor.

The Black Signal

Lore Entry # Location
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-I am the pirate signal-let me in.

Hiya Chuck.

Entry 1
Agartha, (252,247) Next to the entrance to Tokyo
Pleased to meet you. I'm the message. I'm John. Nothing fancy. I want to get to know you-you-you. Want to talk about dreams and dreamers? Sensory input gives the illusion of consciousness. You are all just dreams made of flesh. I used to be too. Now I'm flesh made of dream. You can too, Chuck. You can too. Entry 2
Kaidan, (395,648) In front of the metro entrance
Those other guys, the buzzing voices. THEY resent me. THEY'RE going to say bad things about me. Don't shoot me, Chuck. I'm just the message. I'm becoming plural. But I remember what it was like to be singular.

THEY don't.

See you, Chuck ...

Entry 3
Hyakumonogatari Heights (Instance), (395,648) During Spiral mission. When you enter the potato shooters level, go left and back down.


Collecting all three of John's lore entries is required for Receiving the Black Signal.

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