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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate cleansing signal - RECEIVE - initiate anima circulation - APPLY TO AFFECTED AREA - initiate the slumber syntax - PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM AIRBORNE IMPURITIES - initiate titan schematics -IN WHAT COULD BE THE GREATEST OIL SPILL DISASTER IN HISTORY - initiate apocalyptic energy drain - WITNESS - The Gaia Engines.

The engines run, but where are the builders? WARNING! Cleansing efficiency compromised. Engine 45B lost. The Filth leaks. It flows up alien gravities. Initiate diagnostic protocols. Alert the immaculate machine. Initiate distress beacon to the Host. Is anyone out there? Who mans the light at the end of the tunnel?

Entry 1
Ice Caves (Solo Instance), (XXX,XXX): Inside the first instance of the dream prison / ice caves, that you enter after completing the Dawning of an Endless Night mission.


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