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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the Ophiocordyceps signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Zero Point frequency - NATURE IS A CARNIVAL OF HORROR - illumine the Strains of the Filth - WITNESS - Filth and Nature.

Entry 1
Kaidan, (249,204): On top of the ship. Go up to the top deck, jump onto the red barge and then the orange crane arm. From there you can jump to the top of the boat
When the Dreaming Ones dream of living things, those living things bend and twist to their interpretations. The pathogen spreads, not just in the minds of humanity, but into nature. That is a distinction only you make, sweetling, nature and you. It's all the same to the Filth. It's all the same to us, actually. Entry 2
City of the Sun God, (148,950): Description of how to find the lore.
See the Fungal Filth. The alien energies of the Zero Point slide and drip and crawl and spread. In places, they irradiate the local fungus, taking on yet unseen manifestations. A new strain, or at least new to this Age. The Filthy fungus thrives in places of upheaval or of rot. Its spores spread, first infecting trees, but then taking over local fauna and commanding them to further the spread. Entry 3
The Shadowy Forest, (785,486): Random drop from Vagrant Colonist.
The fungal Filth mutates and expresses itself. See the Bug, the Incubator. It breaks from the tree host, and totters off on spindly root-legs, puffing clouds of preternatural illness. See the Seeders, the Blobs. Formed from large colonies of the evil fungi, they share a low collective intelligence. See the Colonist, the Fungal Hulk. The dominant form of the Filth Fungi, they have learnt to walk as bipeds, a dire warning of things to come. Entry 4
Kaidan, (463,177): Description of how to find the lore.
See the Spore-Ridden Ape. See the Simian Horror. Infected by the fungal Filth, it grows and mutates in ways unseen in other Filth-infected life forms. It moves about to the alien signal of all the nearby spores. Its life belongs to the fungi, and it may not react entirely friendly to the Filth of the "normal" strains. Entry 5
Kaidan, (553,248): Description of how to find the lore.


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