Long leather coat

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Long leather coat
Long leather coat, black, female, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Coats
Source: Women's Streetwear
Price: 25000 Pax Romana

The Long leather coat is more of a mid-length coat, falling at about knee level. The arms are full-length, coming down to cover the wrist. The collar is stiff and upright rather than a folded collar. Rather unusual, it is zippered the full length with no flap over the zipper or any buttons. There also does not appear to be any pockets on the outside of the coat.

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The Long leather coat are available in the following colors

  • None - There is one option in the store that does not have a color in the name. However, when trying it on, it is the same as the Purple one.
  • Black - Your basic black
  • Blue - More of a slate-grey than true blue.
  • Brown - Almost looks more like duster canvas than leather
  • Green - A light mint-green
  • Pink
  • Purple - A dark indigo
  • Red - A dull crimson hue
  • White


Black Blue
Long leather coat, black, female.png Long leather coat, blue, female.png
Brown Green
Long leather coat, brown, female.png Long leather coat, green, female.png
Pink Purple
Long leather coat, pink, female.png Long leather coat, purple, female.png
Red White
Long leather coat, red, female.png Long leather coat, white, female.png

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