London Underground (Dragon)

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London Underground
Region: Hub
Zone: Seoul
Start Coords: (299,285)
End location: [[Kumiho Hotel]]
Given by: Automatic assignment
Type: Sabotage
Requires: Faction rank
Faction: The Dragon
Reward: 448,810 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Note: This is given automatically by a phone call once you are eligible for it. If you don't accept it at that time, you can get the mission at the base of the tree in the courtyard for the The Dragon's headquarters in Seoul

Deep beneath the streets of London, Crocea Mors is finally in play. The Templars and the Illuminati are - predictably - at each other's throats over the ancient relic. The Dragon must be more devious and subtle if they are to take possession.


Tier 1

When you enter London, you receive a phone call

Bong Cha: ???
Bong Cha: ???
Bong Cha: ???
Bong Cha: ???
Bong Cha: We've contacted one of the finest occult artisans in Darkside.
Bong Cha: She has a chimera capable of taking on most properties of such an artifact.
Bong Cha: Swap the chimera with the artifact.

Tier 2

Upon entering Mithraeum (Solo Instance)

Bong Cha: The Templars are prepared.
Bong Cha: They've got a strike team incoming to retrieve the artifact and bring it back to Temple Hall.
Bong Cha: Make sure they're delayed.
Bong Cha: The Templars are putting up a good fight with their automated defenses.
Bong Cha: Disrupt this now.
Bong Cha: Access the data stream to turn the turrets back on the Templars.

After sabotaging the turret system and going up the stairs:

Bong Cha: Every simulation we've run says that this is the moment to act.
Bong Cha: Find a way through the fight and replace the artifact with the chimera.

Tier 3

After making the swap

Bong Cha: The system is responding extremely well to your interactions. Everything is falling into place.
Bong Cha: Return to Seoul before you're seen, bring the artifact to the Dragon.

After returning the Crocea Mors to Jin Jae-Hoon

Jin Jae-Hoon: Well done. The Dragon will be pleased.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Infiltrate the seedy side of London and find the one they call the Chemist. She will provide you with an item that - in the eyes of your enemies - can take on the appearance of Crocea Mors.
    • Travel to London
    • Find the Chemist in Darkside
    • Pick up the Chimera
    • Enter the Mithraeum
  • Tier 2: The Templars are making a stand against the Illuminati assault. The turret system is the key to their defence. Find the controls and turn the turrets against both sides to create chaos in your favour.
    • Sabotage the turret system
    • Locate Crocea Mors
    • Replace the sword with the chimera
  • Tier 3: Julius Caesar's sword is in your possession. Exit the Mithraeum and get out of London.
    • Escape the Mithraeum with the sword
    • Travel to Seoul
    • Bring Crocea Mors to Jin Jae-Hoon at the Kumiho Hotel


  • 448,810 Experience total
    • 0 XP for Tier 1
    • 149,600 upon completion of Tier 2
    • 299,210 upon completion of Tier 3

Note: You'll also receive 15,500 Experience as a reward for achieving your next faction rank.


  • None


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/3

Tier 2/3

This tier is timed - you have 10:00 minutes to complete the entire tier or you'll fail. If you fail you must run back out of Mithraeum (Solo Instance) to let it reset, and then re-enter and begin this tier again.

  • Sabotage the turret system
    • The turret is at (262.5 254)
    • Go down the stairs, turn left, there is a room on the right just before the end of the hall.
    • There are two Templar Defenders guarding it, kill them.
      • Their primary weapons have a chance to change if you pause the mission and then pick it back up.
    • Use the "Turret Control" computer on the table to sabotage the turret system.
  • Locate Crocea Mors
    • Leave the room, take a right, then a right, and then a left up the stairs.
    • There will be two Illuminati Assailants attacking a turret - you can ignore them
    • There will be two more Templar Defenders that attack from a room on the right after you go up the stairs and around the corner.
    • Enter the large room, everyone should be distracted by the turrets.
    • The sword is straight back on the altar.
  • Replace the sword with the chimera
    • Use the Crocea Mors

Tier 3/3

  • Escape the Mithraeum with the sword
    • Run back out the way you came in
  • Travel to Seoul
  • Bring Crocea Mors to Jin Jae-Hoon at the Kumiho Hotel


  • A Mithraeum is a place of worship for the followers of Mithraism. Often built in caves or tunnels underground or under other buildings.
  • Crocea Mors is the name of Julius Caesar's sword.



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