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Spouse(s): Samael Chandra
Background Information
Species: Human
Occupation: Chairwoman
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Voiced by: [[Maria Darling]]

Lilith is the chairwoman of the Orochi Group, second in command after the CEO, Samael Chandra. [1]


The First Age

Lilith was one of the first humans given life by Gaia in the First Age. During this time, Lilith decided to betray humanity and joined the Nephilim in warring against the Grigori. [2] It was there she met Samael, and they eventually married as Samael rebelled from the Host, a major factor in the Nephilim losing the war and be exiled, ushering the end of the First Age. [3]

The Second and Third Ages

During the Second Age, Lilith's ambitions grew from when she originally worked with the Nephilim. In the Third Age, she attempted to raise a Dreaming One from it's prison. Unfortunately, despite knowing that it's promises were lies, she still went ahead with cooperating because she believed she had the power to control it, and accidentally caused the end of the age by waking it. [4]

The Fourth Age

In the Fourth Age, her relationship with Samael has grown strained because she believes he has grown weak due to his sympathy for mankind, and abandoning their plans together in order to save Gaia. Frustrated, she began to work separately from him.


In order to further her plans, she revived the Sol Invictus cult and ordered them to expeditions in ancient Egypt, Transylvania, and possibly Congo.[5]

In recent times, she modernized the cult into the Morninglight, with Philip Marquard, a man she met out of Congo, as leader. However, Philip had his own plans and created an elaborate but failed assassination attempt on her, which led to the Tokyo Subway Attack by John. [6]


A hundred years ago, Roald Amundsen and his accomplice Nicolas Belmont caught Lilith's attention when they found a lost city and Gaia Engine buried under the ice of Antarctica, however they vanished years later in 1928. [7] Lilith spent the next hundred years tracking them down based on a single loose thread - Nicolas, using an unknown woman to urge Nicolas' great-granddaughter, Aveline Belmont, to find the engine for her. [8] Although Aveline is still missing, the engine was eventually recovered and transported to the Manufactory beneath the Orochi HQ.

The Seventeen Names

During the The Sound of Children, when Lilith reveals who she is, she also announces other names she has gone by. The 17 names of Lilith are Abeko, Abito, Amizo, Batna, Eilo, Ita, Izorpo, Kea, Kali, Kokos, Lilith, Odam, Partasah, Patrota, Podo, Satrina, Talto. In Confrontations and Revelations it is revealed Lilith has a hidden 18th name that only the Nephilim know, Ki-sikil-lil-la-ke, which they use to bind and capture her. [9][10][11]


Involved In


  • None - you only interact with her during mission cut scenes. See the various missions.


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