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Legends Entry # Location
TRANSMIT - initiate the necrotic signal - RECEIVE - initiate the putrescent cadence - DAMN IT, IT WASN'T QUITE FRESH ENOUGH! - illumine the Reanimated - WITNESS - Zombies. Entry 1
Kingsmouth, (515,100): Between a fence and a ridge.
The dead walk. Say the sentence, sweetling. Just as impossible as anything else that has happened to you since the bee, yet it sits on your tongue easier. You are not that surprised. It is weird how much it is not weird. They have shambled through the zeitgeist of your species for so long. The dead that walk. Entry 2
Kingsmouth, (370,330): In a side alley.

Our aperture opens on Kingsmouth. The Fog came, and the townsfolk walked into the sea. And something that was lately them walked out. The dead that walk. Horrors from the depths of the ocean and the chill of the earth, rising with unnatural hungers. The clothes and dead faces look familiar, but the vacant eyes hold none of the hopes and emotional relations that once inhabited the husks. They answer the call of the draug.

Entry 3
Kingsmouth, (698,402): On the northeast side of the Bed & Breakfast

They require no rest, feel no pain. They only walk and kill. No heartbeat. No brain function.They are not organisms run on vital systems. Their bodies can take tremendous trauma before being disabled. Human flesh sates their hunger above all, yet those that starve will prey on animals. Other undead hold no interest to them. Those imbued with anima enjoy some protection from their infected bites.

Entry 4
Savage Coast, (472,723): Next to a house on the north side of the road.
The zombie curse stretches into various manifestations, some by design, some by vicious chaos. We see them.

We see the Fast Zombie. See how they run! The most common of Kingsmouth's zombie population. Their flesh and sinew is fresher, their movements more spry. These are the recent townsfolk of Kingsmouth, called into the ocean by a siren's call. Familiar faces in the strange decay.

Entry 5
Savage Coast, (358,524): On top of a rock formation. You'll need to carefully jump up the sides of the rock formation.
We see the Ripper. A variant of the fresher dead, some particularly frenzied strain of necromantic magic worked its way into their bodies. Their claws are longer, their mouths impossibly filled with teeth. They constantly move, like sharks. Entry 6
Zone, (XXX,YYY): Description of how to find the lore.
We see the Elder Zombie. Vermiculated and maggot-ridden, they are the corpses awakened in their old graves. The fresher zombies receive the command to dig up their more decomposed kin. This is not the first time their sinister forces have been at play on this island. There are many fields of things buried in its history. Though these older shamblers are sluggish and more fragile than the more recent counterparts, they draw from deeper reserves of necromantic power. They can call on carrion birds, beasts, and insects. They command lesser undead. Entry 7
Kingsmouth, Kingsmouth Congregational Church graveyard: Random drop from the Dearly Departed in the graveyard.
Lore text for entry #8 Entry 8 Zone, (XXX,YYY)
Lore text for entry #9 Entry 9
Zone, (XXX,YYY): Description of how to find the lore.
We see the Cultist Zombie. These are the cadavers of those who in life who served certain stranger priesthoods, delved into the mysteries of potent cults, or otherwise devoted themselves to occult study. Some spark of awareness stays with them, and, in death, they can still call on their ritual powers. Entry 10
Kingsmouth, Southwest of Pyramid Point: Randomly drops from Reawakened Cultist, Cultist True Believer, or Solomon Death Cultist in the area.
We see the Shambling Bear. The cadaverous beast. The undead ursine. Necromantic magics can seep into the bodies of potentially any creature. Its great body contains vast stores of black magic. Entry 11
Blue Mountain, (248,504): Drops from Decomposed Kodiak.
Tell us, sweetling, have you heard the legend of Resurrection Joe? He is an infamous resident of Solomon Island's history. His bones have settled for a century or two, and still the locasl shiver over his name. His body parts are scattered. If you can find several pieces and gather them at his grave, you may hear his story. Entry 12
Zone, (XXX,YYY): Description of how to find the lore.
Lore text for entry #13 Entry 13
Zone, (XXX,YYY): Description of how to find the lore.


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