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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate the storied sequence - RECEIVE - initiate the Paştele Blajinilor cadence - FAIRY TALES ARE MORE THAN TRUE - initiate the zâne song - NOT BECAUSE THEY TELL US THAT DRAGONS EXIST - initiate the Dark Forest prayer - BUT BECAUSE THEY TELL US DRAGONS CAN BE BEATEN - initiate Mosul's breath - WITNESS - the Abandoned.

Who are the Kindly Ones? We spy the Blajini. The walkers under the disc. The gentle mischief. The reason behind every missing sock. Spooking dogs. Teasing children. Trickery, yes, but never malice. Sometimes they help children escape from monsters, deed the sick, help deer escape the hunter. Mischief is their culture. They are chaos, but they take a kind turn to those who have been kind to them. They are the reason folks place plates of food on their doorsteps at night. They are reason Romanians eat dyed eggs, letting the shells float downstream to the Apa Sâmbetei.

But times are treacherous for the Kindly Ones. They are cast out of their homes in the Shadowy Forest and chased by the hungry dead. They are scattered by the Ones Who Drink With Teeth. Will the Blajini organise? Will they get home? The world needs gentle mischief.

Entry 1
The Shadowy Forest, (568,613): Received after another player uses Reassembled Egg with you targeted.
Who are the Blood of the Great? We spy the Iele. The seductive song. Are they temper sent or a tempest tossed? We know the old words. We know the story. Initiate the Latin translation.

And so, Alexander, who history calls Great,

Empire-Sculptor and Undefeated and Victory-Crowned,

Lay cold. Lay dead. A congress of worms.

And whether by fever wrought or by poisoner's plot,

Who is there left to say?

And so, the concubine of Alexander took flight,

So many fearful miles, to the Land Beyond the Forest.

She took with her three daughters: Catrina, Zalina, and Marina.

All sired by the one called Great.

And released her three daughters, blood of the Great,

Into the wilderness, protected under Gaia's gaze.

And the three daughters drank deep the supernal nectar,

Forever preserved. Forever sweet.

And so, the Iele came to be.

And so, are they still.

Forever preserved. Forever Sweet.

And if this be a warning or an invitation,

Who is there left to say?

Entry 2
The Shadowy Forest, (568,613): Received after another player uses Book of the Iele with you targeted.
Who is "of the forest?" We spy the Padurii. An adjective becomes a noun. O child, listen to your mother. O child, do not follow the lady into the forest, dark and deep. If you do, she will kiss your heart with her incisors. Listen, sweetling. We know the old words, and we know the spell. Initiate the Romanian pronunciation.

Mama ia copilul în braţe cu o bucăţică de mămăliga iese în ogradă, rupe mămăliga în trei și descântă de trei ori, aruncând spre pădure de fiecare dată câte o bucată:

Mama Pădurii,

Am trimis un semn la tine,

De la copilul meu,

Să-ti dau strânsul cu plânsul,

Și sâ-mi dai somnul și odihna fetii tale,

Ca să doarmă ca butucul

Și să tacă ca chiticul.

Cum dorm păsările în pădure,

Așa să doarmă copilul la mine.

Entry 3
The Shadowy Forest, (568,613): Received after another player uses Children's Book with you targeted.


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  • Entry 1 - Blajini are short underground dwellers, sometimes depicted with head of a rat.
  • Entry 2 - Iele are spirits of nature, similar to Greek nymphs and Nordic elves, or more widely, to faerie.
  • Entry 3 - Fata Padurii is a demon from Romanian mythology that lures young men to the forest and then kills them

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