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Legend Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate the crypto signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Ts'emekwes call, - SIMPLY THE CALL OF THE WILD PERSONIFIED, WHICH SOME NATURES HEAR TO THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION - illumine the Local Legends of the New England - WITNESS - The Sasquatch.

Entry 1
Blue Mountain, (601,386): Go up the conveyor belt at (523,385) and over the roof of the building to drop on the other side. The lore will be between the rock face and the left side of the building in front of you.
We see them, walking from a past age, the wild children, one of Gaia's favourites. Were they precursor to you, sweetling, or an improvement? A mystery in a footprint.


Into the deep woods of North America. To places of otherworldly calm. A scrap of fragrant hair caught on a thorn. Here, here! They've roamed this place since the beginning of the Fourth Age. With centuries-spanning lifespans and low birthrates, their numbers are never great. With a natural ability to channel anima, they can vanish and thrive. Intelligent, social, and highly spiritual. They walk in the blur.

Entry 2
Blue Mountain, (693,505): Behind a rock.
SCANNING...New England.

While many made their way to the Pacific Northwest, a small colony of the Sasquatch wandered to Solomon Island. The reopening of Agartha and the boiling dreams imprisoned below the mountain stirred them. They came out of their secluded dens, confused by the evil fog.

Now the wild children cannot escape. The island teems with unnatural life. Their ancient enemies, the ak'ab, swarm them and confound them with their hive intelligence. Cruel wendigo and the hungry dead gnaw at their flanks. They need help, and there is the rub, sweetling. In their bedraggled state, they are more easily provoked to savagery by any intruder.

Entry 3
Blue Mountain, (781,80): Behind a rock, between the rock and a cliff face.


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  • Entry #1 - Ts'emekwes is a name native american tribes in northwest United States used for a creature described like Sasquatch

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