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Legends Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate plague signal - RECEIVE - initiate the murder-of-one - NOW THERE'S NO GOING BACK, AND THERE'S SOMETHING UNDEAD IN YOUR MIND AND YOUR EYES AND YOUR HEART AND YOUR HEAD - illumine the Local Legends of New England - WITNESS - The Revenants.

Entry 1
Kingsmouth, (504,458): On the south-east side of the fountain.
What is time to us? We stand outside. There was a time, sweetling, hundreds of years south of you, when folk knew to burn the cadavers of certain wicked persons. We see them now, standing around the flames. Archers are at the ready, bows drawn and quivering. Should any animal, any rat or cat or crow wander near the flames, that creature is shot. The people do not blink. They know that evil dies hard, and that even one animal can spread the pestilence again. Entry 2
Kingsmouth, (254,408): On the back deck of a house that is on the north side of the street.
Lore text for entry #3 Entry 3
Zone, (XXX,YYY): Description of how to find the lore.
Lore text for entry #4 Entry 4
Zone, (XXX,YYY): Description of how to find the lore.
Black magic and pestilence are a revenant's weapons. They wield sharp weapons covered in putrescence or poison. Escape is difficult, for they leap great distances, crawl up walls, turn into terrible swarms, and squeeze through the narrowest of cracks. Destruction is arduous. A Revenant can reform from the smallest of fragments, and the poison of their blood and minds infects everything around them with their eldritch disease. Entry 5
Savage Coast, (440,822): Behind the tree with the slimy moss just north The Black House.


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