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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see… TRANSMIT - initiate erudition signal - RECEIVE - initiate the preservation instinct - IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM - illumine the mind palace - WITNESS - The British Museum of the Occult. Entry 1
London, (313,268): Outside the British Museum of the Occult.
We see your kind, sweetling, building mausoleums to history. We see the British Museum. Down in Temple Court, we see a nearby department of that institution, the British Museum of the Occult. But look. The doors always seem locked, the exhibits always seem closed to the general public. It has always been this way. Entry 2
British Museum of the Occult, (505,540), down the hall to the left as you step inside.
Those who are savvy of the Secret World may gain admittance to the seemingly closed museum, finding a vast treasury of artefacts from around the world…and beyond. Considered one of the foremost institutions of occult history, its halls are visited by a wide array of paranormal academics and adventurers. Just as you have visited, sweetling. They need benefactors to fill their exhibits. Entry 3
British Museum of the Occult, In the "Strains of the Filth" wing, behind the far back right side exhibit.
Your mind is a perfect museum. And now they have the technology to extract the exhibits inside your skull, and display them in their hallowed halls. It was developed by Mnemonic Technologies. A man named Edwyn Arbogast had an idea, a means of harnessing memories. Some called him a genius. Some called him mad. It is said he met with Nikola Tesla on more than one occasion, talking deep into the night. Edwyn wrote up his plans. He claimed they worked in theory, but he had been born too early, in a world without the existing technology to realise his system. And so those plans sat in a vault for decades, waiting for the world to catch up. And it finally has, sweetling. Entry 4
British Museum of the Occult, (371,480), In the "Orochi: Audacity or Folly?" wing.


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