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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

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The Buzzing

Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate the First Age signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Second, Third, and Fourth - THE FACE THAT LAUNCHED A THOUSAND SHIPS - initiate the Odontaspididae cadence - DYNAMITE WITH A LASER BEAM, GUARANTEED TO BLOW YOUR MIND - when she smiled into the black hole, it smiled back - WITNESS - Lilith.

Entry 1
Orochi Tower - Manticore, (237,308) Floor 25: in the back of the final room.

We are under the sea. The primordial soup. There are dimensions inside dimensions, worlds within worlds. ENHANCING. We are in the womb of a sand shark. An even more primordial soup. Shark pups hunt and eat each other in the dark. The deadly womb is their whole universe. Embryonic cannibalism. Whatever comes out is stronger, fiercer. Do you understand, sweetling?

Entry 2
Orochi Tower - Anansi, Alpha floor: on top of a cabinet in the room after four Psychic Training Dummies.
We call upon her seventeen names. We do not know the secret eighteenth. Only the Nephilim can conjure that. We call upon her names! Abeko. Abito. Amizo. Batna. Eilo. Ita. Izorpo. Kea. Kali. Odam. Kokos. Partasah. Patrota. Podo. Satrina. Talto. Lilith. Entry 3
Orochi Tower - Anansi, Beta floor: in front of the Augmented Reality console.
The Mother of Monsters. The Queen of Demons. Some names she gave herself, others were given by her enemies. PR is important in every age. She would rather be remembered for her contributions to science. But she will proudly wear infamy as a garland and recline in furs atop a throne of those who have wronged her. Entry 4
Orochi Tower - Anansi, Beta floor: in the maze after activating the Augmented Reality console.

She was one of the first humans. Given life by Gaia. She recalls the Garden. She remembers the first sin. We witnessed her betray her own race, joining the Nephilim against the Grigori. Cast out by her peers and cursed to wander the wastes alone. We, at least, admired her independence.

Entry 5
Orochi Tower - Zagan, Alpha floor: inside an office.
She did not remain alone for long. Samael, who rebelled from the Host, saw something in her. They joined as husband and wife. Their coupling made for offspring both terrible and miraculous. Many of the monsters of this age trace their roots back to her. Embryonic cannibalism.

It began as a relationship of convenience. She was a [sic] to be a catspaw for Samael. But she rose as his equal. Surprises in love can happen even to the Fallen. The Nephilim lost their war, and so ended the First Age, but not the union of Samael and Lilith. Bonnie and Clyde blasting eternity.

Entry 6
Orochi Tower - Sycoil, (229,238) Floor 44, in the final room.

The mystic age. Age of hierophants. Age of blood sacrifices. Age of violent heroes. The cities that were living leviathan islands swimming the oceans. The Nephilim outcasts held their bile through the ages. Lilith's ambitions grew beyond their plans. She dreamed of her own accomplishments. She dreamed of the Dreaming Ones. To harness their power. To be beholden to no one ever again. Lilith and Samael, always together, always deceiving mankind down the ages, always undone by their hubris.

Entry 7
Orochi Tower - Manticore, (229,231) Floor 22: in the final room.

The age of impossible science. Cities that walked on mechanised legs. Time bent and redirected like water. Odysseys to the moon. Lilith in her prime. She ruled the greatest city of knowledge. She almost realised her dream. Came so close. She raised a Dreaming One from its prison. It whispered to her directly. It made such promises, claimed it willingly powered the city. LIES. It promised the impossible could be accomplished if all of its fellows were freed. LIES. Lilith was smart. Lilith was clever. She knew there was treachery in the whispers. But she went ahead anyway, thinking she could control the pandemonium. She thought she could betray an event horizon. That age collapsed in screams under tentacular skies.

Entry 8
Orochi Tower - Faust, Alpha floor: in the final vault room.

Lilith worked independently of Samael. She glided through vital points of history. She watched Mesopotamia rise. She called pharaohs and queens lovers. She confounded emperors in Rome, manipulated popes. She has been Isthar, Athena, and Juno - priestess, seductress, scientist, goddess. She led cults to sun worship. She led armies of demons. She watched holy wars, sometimes with glee, sometimes with regret.

Lilith perched at the top of the biggest multinational corporation in the world, the Orochi Group. She syphoned R&D for her own purposes. A bitter wedge had formed in her apocalyptic romance with Samael. Her mania accelerated. She was tired of waiting. She revived the Dues Sol into the modern Morninglight.

But things did not go according to plan in Tokyo.

She underestimated Marquard...

Entry 9
Orochi Tower - Boardroom, Appears behind your character in the penthouse after waking up from the Nephilim's sleep.

The Black Signal

Lore Entry # Location
Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-I am the smoking mirror-let me in.

Hiya, Chuck. It's John.

Entry 1
Orochi Tower - Plethron, Plethron floor 66: behind a desk, in the corner of a room by the emergency exit.
I want you to understand why Lilith is scary. I don't want you thinking less of me, Chuck. It's not sorcery or tech or underlings or a womb full of teeth. You got to understand, Chuck. Humour me. Look in a mirror. Stare at your reflection. We've all done this. In the wee hours. Stare so long your face becomes a stranger. You lose your identity. You could be anyone.

Now, picture all the people you've been. Every different Chuck. Maybe you think your life was short. Or uneventful. But if you look, there were many you's. We get stuck in the now and the rut. Don't we, Chuck? Tunnel vision. You think you're just this two-dimensional you. But look at all those different Chucks. Layer them on top of each other. Suddenly, you have substance. You have the power of context. You are s [sic] multi-dimensional being. You've seen shit. That is when we are at our most powerful. When we remember all the us's. Then we are legion.

Entry 2
Orochi Tower - QBL, (229,238) Floor 31: in a corner of the final room.
Lilith was one of the first humans. She's lived longer than your beef brain can process, Chuck. Unfathomable. Imagine just how many different Liliths she has been. Do you think the one, flat version you met was all there is? She's been too many. She gets lost in the shuffle. But imagine, Chuck, imagine what happens when she self-actualises. Imagine when she takes a moment, stares into a mirror, and gains her full context.

It's OK to shiver.

See you, Chuck.

Entry 3
Orochi Tower - Boardroom, In the penthouse suite, between the glass windows and a closed door.



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