Legend:Golems and the Fourth Age

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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

TRANSMIT - initiate Acta Orientalia - RECEIVE - Hyperzokol protocol - DOWNLOAD - initiate Ben Sira oratory - THE SHEM, THE GHENIZAH, THE GOLEM - read the Sefer Yetzirah.

Viscera stains the cobbled streets of Chelm - a message inked in the blood of innocents. The message reads "You are all fools."

Entry 1 Scorched Desert, (540,879):
A Rabbi in Prague writes the name of God on a strip of paper. The paper falls into an old well and lands on dried mud. The ink forms a bridge and a neural circuit is engaged. Something awakens. Entry 2 Blue Mountain, (541,424)
A man of clay follows a man of flesh down the cobbled streets. His circuits are damaged, silica connections bridged by an inferior contact. The Rabbi asks him to dance. In need of a better master, he dances. Entry 3 City of the Sun God (716,933)
The Rabbi forgets the bridge, leaves the paper in the machine. It goes in search of a master and finds children that need hugging. It hugs them until their smiles split and their teeth strike the cobbles like tiny raindrops. Entry 4 Savage Coast, (292,301)
An angry mob attacks the clay man. He does not fight back. The Rabbi comes and screams at him. Removes the circuit breaker - the life giving bridge. The clay man falls on the Rabbi and shatters. Entry 5 Kingsmouth, (628,554)
The people bury the Rabbi and put the remains of the clay man in an attic. They are a persecuted people and they do not want attention. The clay man dreams the slow dreams of the terminally shattered. Entry 6 Kaidan (573,396)
Time passes and another man comes. His bearing is regal and he wears the swastika on his sleeve. He examines the remains and then calls in a troop of men in uniforms. They collect the clay man and carry his pieces to a truck. Entry 7 Carpathian Fangs (381,641)
In a place of death and shit and broken souls, the clay man is reassembled. All the Fuhrers horses and all of his men, put the clay man back together again. A starving old prisoner watches through the warehouse window, unnoticed behind the grime and the dust. He remembers a winter evening in Prague, and the broken smiles of dead playmates. Entry 8 Besieged Farmlands, (316,613)
In the end, a tank is needed to bring down the clay man. Among the shattered remains, the remaining troops find a slip of paper with the name of god scribbled in hasty hebrew. A starving old free man watches from the edges of the camp.

Dear sweetling, this tale has no moral. Like the golem, searching for a master.

Entry 9 Carpathian Fangs (675,948)


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