Left Hand of Darkness

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AbilityBackgroundMagic.pngLeft Hand of Darkness.pngAbilityBorderNormal.png
Weapon BM
Cell Malediction
Cost 16 AP
Type Active
Target Single
Cast Time (s) Instant
Recharge (s) 30*
Consumes 3 resources
Sets State Afflicted
Improvement Abilities Prolonged Darkness, Thicker Than Water, Afflicted Passives, Impaired Passives

Note: Damage and Healing amounts listed are base amounts on a new character and will be modified by item ratings.

Tips and Tactics

When cast while still running on the target it will now refresh the damage over time effect in addition to the stun, regardless of whether you have Prolonged Darkness.

Because this ability can be powered by your own blood you can cast it back to back with 5 Blood Resources and only take damage to yourself for a single Blood Resource conversion and apply the stun effect.