Kumiho Hotel

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Kumiho Hotel
Kumiho Hotel.jpg
Map Coordinates: (365,290)
Region: Hub
Zone: Seoul
Type: Player versus environment

Kumiho Hotel is a location in Seoul. It is a four-story building located east from Bicycle Shop and northwest from Lotus Flower courtyard.

One of few places in the district open for business, Kumiho Hotel watches over the streets that lead from the Bicycle Shop. Visitors, who arrive to the neighborhood for the first time, have no choice but to pass through the hotel windows sight. On the other side of the glass, patient eyes observe the chaos of architecture, footsteps and raindrops that occurs below. Many, who enter this building, have no traveling bags, no cameras, no maps. Even though they are in the district for the first time, they are no tourists. Confused but full of anticipation, they are drawn by the giant, red, tacky sign, like bugs to a porch-light on a warm, summer night. Inside, an atmosphere of change, accompanied by the hum of vending machines and music coming from a karaoke lodge, welcomes them. When they leave, they are different. Still confused, but with a confidence gained thanks to discovering a purpose, they begin a new chapter in their lives.



Involved in

width The Butterfly Effect



This location is included in Dazed and Confused achievement.


  • Kumiho is a korean mythical creature, a shapeshifting nine tailed fox, which is known to take form of a woman and seduce boys. See [kumiho] and [The Fox Sister].