Konrad Engel

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Konrad Engel
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Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: London
Location: The Horned God
Faction: [[Category:Council of Venice Characters]][[:Category:Council of Venice Characters|Council of Venice]]
Background Information
Species: Human
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Voiced by: [[Tim Bentinck]]

Found drinking in The Horned God with Zamira Vata, Konrad Engel is a member of the "old guard" within the Templars. His widely shared views on the current management and methods of the Templars and the Council of Venice have earned him semi-banishment and removal from the "active-duty" list.

He has mentored Zamira Vata and they work well together, although they are known to debate topics loudly.


Involved in

width Virgula Divina



  • Yourself #1
Konrad Engel: Now I am an embarrassment to our organisation,
Konrad Engel: but once I was a diplomat.
Konrad Engel: Heh. As if Templars could wage diplomacy other than by jackboot.
Konrad Engel: I served my time on the councils of Vienna, Berlin, Venice.
Konrad Engel: We pontificated with archaic words in dead languages.
Konrad Engel: Beyond our little parliaments, the mysteries were trampled, one after another. We did nothing.
  • Yourself #2
Konrad Engel: The pride of the Templars has turned to rigor mortis.
Konrad Engel: I cannot unsee it now, huh?
Konrad Engel: Like an immaculate mouth with a front tooth missing.
Konrad Engel: We claim to stand against the darkness, but no,
Konrad Engel: we slump in our Renaissance chairs, picking listlessly at the velvet.
  • Yourself #3
Konrad Engel: Yeah, but I have said enough.
Konrad Engel: I will douse my disappointment in another pint of what goes for beer around here.
Konrad Engel: Dull, tepid, and creamlike.
Konrad Engel: Not unlike the current state of inter-factional diplomacy,
Konrad Engel: but not what the trappists had in mind, I'm sure.

Zamira Vata

  • Zamira Vata #1
Konrad Engel: I came back to London seeking inspiration, but found only disillusionment. Again.
Konrad Engel: Behind the "New Templars" stand the old guard, as rigid and stale as always.
Konrad Engel: There is little "new" about it;
Konrad Engel: even Herr Sonnac is a product of the past and of our eminent PR department and diligent market research.
Konrad Engel: Then I met Fräulein Vata here.
Konrad Engel: Young, yes. Brash, foolhardy,
Konrad Engel: eager to get her skull bashed in by steel or claw.
Konrad Engel: An idealist, as though there were still ideals to strive for.
Konrad Engel: Obnoxious, annoying, but-
Zamira Vata: Eh, you know I'm sitting right here, yeah?
Konrad Engel: But she showed me there is hope still for our organisation.
Konrad Engel: For a future beyond our current predicament.
Konrad Engel: In her, I see much of myself when I was a young man.
Zamira Vata: You have such a way with words, Konrad.
Konrad Engel: It was meant as a compliment Frälein Vata, for I was once an idealist like you.
Konrad Engel: I believed in what we stood for, and I was not afraid to get my hands dirty so that others would not have to.
Konrad Engel: Then it all became about politics, about pointing fingers and reopening old wounds.
Konrad Engel: You are free from that, free to make it all mean something again.
Konrad Engel: I am not embarrassed to say that Frälein Vata has given me hope again,
Konrad Engel: hope that even the Templars can change their ways to face the challenges of this coming age.
Konrad Engel: Even if past experiences have taught me otherwise.
Zamira Vata: Uh. Thanks, Konrad. That was actually very nice.


  • London #1
Konrad Engel: London is an aberration in poly-factional politics,
Konrad Engel: a free port for all who pass through our geheime Welt, through this darkness beneath it all.
Konrad Engel: Nothing like Berlin, where the Templars are ruthless in their dissection of the city.
Konrad Engel: Of course, here in London, our organisation has abandoned every vestige of secrecy,
Konrad Engel: choosing instead to hide in the open.
Konrad Engel: Who would expect the pupped master to be centre stage?
Konrad Engel: Well, everyone, it seems.
Konrad Engel: There are walking tours that stop outside Temple Court every hour.
Zamira Vata: So? That just proves we've got nothing to be afraid of, nothing to hid.
Konrad Engel: No-no-no, my dear. It is no such thing.
Konrad Engel: It is only bitter proof of a bloated, stinking ego.

The Templars

  • The Templars #1
Zamira Vata: Just 'cause you've become old and bitter don't mean you have to take us all down with you.
Zamira Vata: Everything is changing mate. It's not just the Templars anymore; it's the new Templars,
Zamira Vata: independent of heritage, skin colour or gender.
Konrad Engel: Oh, the naiveté of youth. It is heartbreaking.
Konrad Engel: My heart is literally breaking apart. Listen, you can hear it.
Zamira Vata: Fuck off.
Konrad Engel: For my retort, allow me to paraphrase Aesop:
Konrad Engel: "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."
Konrad Engel: Power and influence within an organisation such as ours has little to do with a person's worth,
Konrad Engel: but rather it is a reflection of their willingness to aptitude to deceive.
Konrad Engel: In some cases, even a political ploy.
Zamira Vata: You're saying Sonnac's a political puppet.
Konrad Engel: Sonnac is a capable politician,
Konrad Engel: and he got where he is today by way of both skill and compromise.
Konrad Engel: But he is also what we, what the Templars, needed.
Konrad Engel: A new face, a fresh voice,
Konrad Engel: enthusiasm, and sex appeal.
Zamira Vata: He has got that. And Lanark?
Konrad Engel: Ah, Lanark is more...complicated.
Konrad Engel: I have found myself in deep waters before on this topic,
Konrad Engel: it is why I drink here and not at the Temple Club,
Konrad Engel: in the pleasant company of more pliable and vivacious women.
Zamira Vata: Yeah, but I'm sure the Stuarts miss you too, Konrad.
Zamira Vata: Enough with the greeks, here's a quote to live by:
Zamira Vata: "I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
Konrad Engel: Ja. As dead as the Greeks, him, isn't he?
Zamira Vata: Pessimist.

Secret Societies

  • Secret Societies #1
Konrad Engel: While my opinions may, at times, appear to be at odds with my affiliation, I will say this:
Konrad Engel: the less evil is the greater good.
Konrad Engel: I have had my run-ins with Illuminati in both a diplomatic, and...
Konrad Engel: in less of a diplomatic capacity, on numerous occasions.
Konrad Engel: Brazen, unethical and reckless are adjectives I would not hesitate to use.
  • Secret Societies #2
Konrad Engel: My experience with the Dragon differs only in adjectives, not in actuality.
Konrad Engel: They are more tempered, but they are also arrogant and dangerous.
Konrad Engel: Diplomacy is a game of cat and mouse to them,
Konrad Engel: and they are never satisfied until the cat and the mouse both drown in their verdammte "wave."

The Council of Venice

  • The Council of Venice #1
Konrad Engel: Like the first Roman Republic, the Council of Venice was a valiant idea,
Konrad Engel: constructed on a foundation of altruism and idealism,
Konrad Engel: supported by pillars of good intentions.
Konrad Engel: Alas, as the Republic before it,
Konrad Engel: the marble of its Senate has been tainted by ambition, corruption and nepotism;
Konrad Engel: its chambers rotting from the inside,
Konrad Engel: leaving nothing but an antiquated institution of spectacular impotence.
  • The Council of Venice #2
Konrad Engel: It is not that her agents are all corrupt or inept. No.
Konrad Engel: For the most part, the diplomats apply themselves to the task with diligence,
Konrad Engel: and they believe in what they do. Unfortunately,
Konrad Engel: the very nature of the organisation rewards the pursuit of self-seeking agendas,
Konrad Engel: leaving those with truer intentions gagged and crippled by endless rolls of red tape.
  • The Council of Venice #3
Konrad Engel: Should you attempt to spark any kind of critical debate, you can expect nothing in return
Konrad Engel: but a scalding reprimand from the very people who sent you there
Konrad Engel: and an extended "leave of absence."
Konrad Engel: All the while some red-faced freshman straight out of the academy occupies your chair,
Konrad Engel: chiming in with the chorus of "yay" or "nay" as handed down by the leaders of the committee.
  • The Council of Venice #4
Konrad Engel: Call me bitter, but such are my experiences within those halls I once revered
Konrad Engel: and that for me held all the promise of the future.
Konrad Engel: I suppose one could argue they still hold the promise of the future,
Konrad Engel: just not the future I believed in.


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