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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

NOTE: This mission is much more difficult than others in the area, and the monsters encountered are rated as Nightmare difficulty

Knight of the Drăculești
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Start Location: Romany Camp
Start Coords: (838,856)
End location: [[Chapel of the Prince]]
Given by: Tibor
Type: Action
Reward: 1,083,310 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

An old stone tablet found by Tibor and Luminita at the graveyard leads to calamity. Whatever was disturbed at the burial site when the stone disappeared should be put to rest.



Tibor: Well, you broke it.
Luminitia: Me? You dropped it!
Tibor: Yeah, because you didn't want to carry it. And I tripped over you, remember?
Luminita: But...
Luminita: But I tripped on a root...
Tibor: Well... You... You should watch your stupid feet, then. Shouldn't you.
Luminita: It's no use, it's completely broken.
Tibor: It looks really old.
Luminita: I know. It's probably worth, like, a thousand dollars.
Tibor: Do you think there are more like it at the church?
Luminita: I don't think so, I've never seen anything like it.
Luminita: Do you think we should tell Milosh?
Tibor: He'll just yell at us for playing at the church.
Luminita: He never yells at me.
Tibor: That's because you're a girl. He yells at me.
Tibor: And he's going to yell at me for breaking the stone.
Luminita: So you're admitting you did break the stone!
Tibor: Nah-ah, did not!
Tibor: But Milosh will think that I did, because you're a girl, and you're his favourite.
Luminita: I'm not his favourite, Emilia is his favourite. Take it back!
Tibor: Favourite, favourite, favour...
Tibor: (Luminita punches him) Ow! That hurt!

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: The stone tablet looks old and valuable, something the kids rightly realised. They left it on the ground hoping to pretend nothing ever happened. That is unlikely to be the best solution.
    • Go to the graveyard
  • Tier 2: The old graveyard, final resting place of many of Vlad Dracula's closest collaborators, is haunted by restless wraiths. The missing or broken Drăculești artifact might explain their wrath. Investigate if something can be done.
    • Find the Drăculești shrine
  • Tier 3: The Drăculești cross has been smashed to pieces. Parts of the cross are scattered on the chapel floor.
    • Gather pieces of the broken cross (0/3)
    • Use the pieces to repair the cross
  • Tier 4: The repaired cross mentioned several relics that belonged to the knights and were used to bind their spirits. Retrieving the artifacts and restoring them to their rightful place could do the trick.
    • Locate Gáspár Iute's Mausoleum
    • Collect Gáspár Iute's spurs
  • Tier 5: The spurs were only the first of the missing items. Locate the Drăculești helmet.
    • Find the Drăculești helmet
    • Pick up the helmet
  • Tier 6: The next item mentioned was shield. Look around the graveyard for it.
    • Find the Drăculești shield
    • Destroy the barriers that protect the shield
    • Get the shield before the barrier is restored
  • Tier 7: The last item mentioned is the scythe. Find it.
    • Find the Drăculești scythe
    • Collect the scythe from István Taios
  • Tier 8: You have collected all the artifacts to which the Drăculești knights were bound. Restore them in their rightful place inside the shrine.
    • Place the Drăculești relics at the shrine




Our models did not include the Knights of the Draculesti. They were added to the equation mysteriously. You removed them promptly. Well done. We must do what we can to maintain the integrity of our models.

During the Red Nights, the Draculesti fought and conquered. They were left in their tombs with the power to maintain the area. They were never supposed to use their powers to change events.

You have restored everything to its proper order. Both we and the Draculesti thank you.


I've never seen the point in honoring the fallen. They fell. They lost. And if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a loser.

On the other hand, when the losers refuse to accept the obvious and come out of their graves to bite us in the ass, I can defend spending a little time putting them back.

I do hope you didn't knock over any tombstones. I hear they're super serious about that kind of thing out there.



The Knights of the Draculesti were valiant and honourable, and they were true to the memory of their master. They fought bravely on the Red Nights, and they deserve their peace for it. The defilation of their shrine is an awful and disrespectful business.

If we needed another reason, I would also mention that the disgruntled wraith of a Draculesti knight would be both a formidable opponent and, as such, a veritable obstacle to our mission out there.

You have showed the Draculesti the respect they deserve and removed a potential problem. Well done.

R. Sonnac


There are 8 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/8

  • Go to the graveyard

Tier 2/8

Tier 3/8

  • 0/3 Gather pieces of the broken cross
    • You will get the first piece automatically when you find the shrine in step 2
    • The other two pieces are on the floor in the chapel
  • Use the pieces to repair the cross
    • Use the yellow-outlined Drăculești cross on the back wall of the chapel

Tier 4/8

  • Locate Gáspár Iute's Mausoleum
    • Enter the area marked on your map
  • Collect Gáspár Iute's spurs
    • Use the small yellow-outlined mausoleum at at (836,570)

Tier 5/8

  • Find the Drăculești helmet
    • Head to the area indicated on the map at the southern end of the graveyard
  • Pick up the helmet

Tier 6/8

  • Find the Drăculești shield
    • Head to the area marked on the map
  • Destroy the barriers that protect the shield
    • There are 4 "binding stone"s with glowing green auras that have to be used. Each one is protected by a Faithless
    • As soon as you use all 4 stones, Hieronymus III Tare will appear from the statue in the statue in the center and attack
  • Get the shield before the barrier is restored
    • Timed 2:00 minutes
    • You have 2:00 minutes to kill Hieronymus III Tare and then use the "Sheild of Hieronymus III Tare"

Tier 7/8

  • Find the Drăculești scythe
    • Head to the new area marked on the map
  • Collect the scythe from István Taios
    • His Spectre is standing in the middle of the area
    • He will not attack until you are standing right next him. Once he does attack, the entire fenced in area is shielded off and players cannot enter or leave during the fight
    • Once he is defeated, you can pick up "István Taios' Scythe" off the ground

Tier 8/8

  • Place the Drăculești relics at the shrine

Other Information

While on this mission, you may want to pick up the two side missions that are found inside the Draculesti Graveyard -

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