Kissing With Teeth - Feathered top hat

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Kissing With Teeth - Feathered top hat
Gender: Male
Slot: Hat

The Kissing With Teeth - Feathered top hat is part of the Kissing With Teeth clothing set. This piece is the female version of the Kissing With Teeth - Hat item.

It is leather top hat, with a thing band of material around the base of the hat. There are a pair of small black wings coming out of the sides of the that.



There are two basic options for this item, although the 'faction colored' option will show up as one of three colors depending on the faction of the character that used it.

  • Black - Black hat, black band, black wings
  • Faction Colored -
    • Blue - Illuminati only - Very dark blue hat, white band, black wings
    • Green - Dragon only - Very dark green hat, brown band, black wings
    • Red - Templars only - Dark red had, white band, black wings.


Black Blue
Unknown.png Unknown.png
Green Red
Unknown.png Unknown.png

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