Kingsmouth Park

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Kingsmouth Park
Kingsmouth Park 2.png
Map Coordinates: (445,425)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

The Kingsmouth Park is a small park located off of Angell Street, between Kings Court and Bellmont Avenue. It has a fountain with a couple benches around it, a slide into a sandbox, and a couple of swings.

It appears to mainly be used by the Belmont Avenue Kindergarten for their recess and play area.


Location involved in

width The Raven
width The Curious Case of Joe Slater
width Death, and the Instruments Thereof
width Missing Persons


  • The entrance to the park is located about midway down Angell Street (exact street address unknown) although with a running start players can easily jump the fence at several locations.
  • Map coordinates for the entrance are (445,425)


  • This location is not included in any current in-game achievements.