Kingsmouth Congregational Church

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Kingsmouth Congregational Church
Location Kingsmouth Church.jpg
Map Coordinates: (320,420)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

The Kingsmouth Congregational Church is the only Christian church located on Solomon Island, although the exact sect that this particular church belongs to is unknown.

The Minister in charge of this church is Henry Hawthorne. During the crises currently taking place on Solomon Island he is taking refuge within the church, along with Christopher Martin.

There is a small cemetery behind the church. Most graves are marked by simple headstones, but there is also one small Mausoleum towards the back as well as a statue of a winged angel holding a sword in the middle of the graveyard.

The church has a number of Illuminati symbols inscribed into the wooden outside of the building that creates a magical barrier keeping any of the Zombies and undead from entering. There are a also symbols inscribed in the fence around the graveyard that is supposed to keep the zombies out of the graveyard, although they are currently not working.

Worship is held on Sundays at 10am.



Starts at location

Henry Hawthorne
width A Sacred Place
width Dust to Dust
width The Kingsmouth Code
width Digging Deeper

Involved in

width Dirty Laundry
width Idol of Nergal
width Missing Persons
width They Never Stop Coming
width The Vision
width The Meowling
width Veterans Day
width Neither Snow nor Rain nor Zombies, Part 2


  • The Kingsmouth Congregational Church is located at "13 Arkham Avenue" in Kingsmouth
  • The map coordinates are (320,430)


  • This location is not included in any current in-game achievements.