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Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

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Kingsmouth lies on the northeastern portion of Solomon Island, bordered by the Savage Coast to the south and Blue Mountain to the west. It is apparently the closest portion of the island to mainland (or possibly the next island in a chain) with the bridge in the northwestern portion of the zone presumably leading off the island. However, characters are unable to cross the bridge. They can only enter or leave to the neighboring zones (Savage Coast or Blue Mountain) or leave the island completely by travelling through Agartha.

Kingsmouth Town

The Kingsmouth zone gets its name from the largest (only) town on Solomon Island - Kingsmouth.

Kingsmouth is a (fictional) harbor town that is on Solomon Island (also fictional), in the northeastern part of Maine, a state in the New England region of the United States of America.

It was founded in 1667 by an English pilgrim named Solomon Priest along with Isaac Fletcher, Gottfried von Ickstatt and John Langmore. Although some citizens also believe the town was founded by a "secret order" (The Illuminati) that originated from Europe (probably when they were exiled from Europe by the Templars).

The town motto is featured in an emblem on the Kingsmouth Official Website and reads: "Lux Omnia Vincit", which roughly translates from Latin to mean "Light Conquers All." Also on the website, there is a verse Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost who wrote it in New Hampshire, a state in the New England region, in 1923.

The major attraction of the town of Kingsmouth seems to be tourism. The town boasts a long history that involves Indians, Vikings, and a rich mining history. The official website gives a list of activities to do while in Kingsmouth including taking a tour of the island from the local airport, relaxing at Red Oak Beach, and visiting the Franklin Foundation Mining Museum.


The Town of Kingsmouth is governed by the traditional New England town meeting. An elected town council provides overall direction for administration by the town manager. An active planning board plays a key role in dealing with community issues.[1]



  • Kingsmouth was founded under its current name by Solomon Priest, an English pilgrim.


  • A stranger (Beaumont) breaks into Solomon Priest's home trying to steal Illuminati documents. He is caught and banished from town. Rumors say he traveled south towards the Spanish colonies.


  • A fire devastated the town. Almost all the homesteads and several of the principal buildings were lost, among them the church and town hall.
  • The citizens pull together to help rebuild, with the financial aid of prosperous businessmen and organizations with interests in Kingsmouth.




  • A census records 1,547 citizens.


    • 12th January - Sheriff Helen, Deputy Andy, and Danny Dufresne join Twitter
    • 15th January - Danny Dufresne tests his wifi webcam plane
    • 16th January - It's alive - Tweet from The Dark Places in reference to Kingsmouth.
    • 21st January - Open house at Solomon County Sheriff’s Office
    • 23rd January - Kingsmouth Tweeters begin to notice that is getting attention
    • 26th January -
      • Deputy Andy investigates lights in the woods in the early morning. Finds nothing, but reports an odd feeling.
      • Later, his car breaks down halfway back to town. While walking back, he felt like something was watching and tracking him.
    • 16th February - Harbor Planning Meeting at Kingsmouth Town Hall, 6.30pm to 8.00pm

The 3rd of April is the official "Kingsmouth Day"[2]

Current State

Kingsmouth is currently under siege from Zombies, Draug, and various other horrors. The majority of the surviving residents have barricaded themselves in the Sheriff's Office although there are various other survivors scattered throughout the area.

It is believed that the current state of affairs started after the fishing ship The Lady Margaret returned from a disastrous trip. Soon after the ship and remaining crew returned, an unnatural and heavy fog rolled into the town. It was about that time residents started disappearing, and soon after that the the zombies and draug appeared.

Notable Personalities


Susie's famous diner
  • Danny Dufresne Danny appears to be a regular citizen of the town of Kingsmouth. He seems to enjoy technological toys and especially loves playing video games, including his current favorite, Left 4 Dead. Similar to other members of the town, he also has a twitter account. He is also the last surviving member of the The League of Monster Slayers.
  • Henry Hawthorne is a reverend for the local Protestant Congregational church. Aside from his weekly services on Sunday at 10:00 AM, Reverend Hawthorne organizes a book club that meets Monday at 7:00 PM. The current book for the club is The Lost Symbol.
  • Joe Slater is a crew member of the fishing boat The Lady Margaret, one of the few who survived the boat's last trip and returned to Kingsmouth.
  • Madame Roget is a fortune teller at Raven's Knock. Admittedly most of her fortune telling is all for show, but every once and awhile she does get a clear vision.
  • Mary Brewster is an unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) town member who does not survive the zombie attack, but at least does not become a zombie herself.
  • Norma Creed is a long-time town resident, her husband and son were both on the ill-fated ship The Lady Margaret. Rather than holing up in the others in the Sheriff's Office, she remains at her house using her shotgun to keep the zombies at bay.
  • "Old" Tom Atkins lives somewhere out near Solomon Road and Langmore trail. He also hates Hippies.
  • "Scrapyard" Edgar Stone is the owner of Edgar's Scrapyard and mechanic, he has remained at his scrapyard trying to fix up some vehicles to help get survivors (or at least himself) off the island. He relies on his two dogs, "Tango" and "Cash" to protect him.


  • Ann Radcliffe is a member of Harrison Blake's team, she isn't quite as convinced that non-intervention is the right policy for the situation.
  • Harrison Blake is the leader of the Orochi Group team that was sent to Kingsmouth to observe the events unfolding there. They are there to observe only, and have orders to not intervene.
  • Jack Boone is the first person characters meet upon entering Solomon Island. He is obviously in the know about the secret world, although it's not clear exactly what group or faction he fits in with.
  • Sandy "Moose" Jansen is a drifter who was apparently in the wrong town at the wrong time, he also seems to have experience with situations like this. He was saved from the fog by Andy Gardener and despite saying he could leave the town at any time, stays to help because he has fallen for the deputy.

Not Encountered

These are people who may have been in the Alternate Reality Game or who can be assumed to have been in the town based on other clues, but are not encountered in the game.

  • Mr. Rosen is a teacher at the local high-school. He wanted to press charges against Danny Dufresne after Danny used his remote control airplane to get pictures of Mr. Rosen watering his garden in his underwear. Especially after Danny posted the video of it on youtube.
  • Susie although not much is known about Susie, she is the apparent owner of a famous diner that many of the locals eat at.
  • Tyler Freeborn is a descendent of the Wabanaki tribe, he lives about "ten minutes out of Kingsmouth." His grandfather, Joseph, told him about the horrors and oddities of the island while he was growing up. He believes the town is in danger and recently has tried to warn the locals about it, but the townspeople just believe him to be insane. Tyler started a blog named Monsters of Maine, hosting his knowledge on the matter.

Notable Locations

Agartha Entrance

The entrance to (and exit from) Agartha can be found in the ruins of an old longboat, in the side of the mountains on the southwestern portion of the zone. Coordinates are (27,174).

Town Buildings

Visit the Mining Museum!
Main Street   Belmont Avenue
Arkham Avenue   Lovecraft Lane
Kings Court   Poe Cove
Unknown Location    
  • R.C. Sullivan Electronics
  • D.S. Sheridan Plumbing

Nearby Landmarks

Natural landmarks, locations within the zone but outside of the town, and other interesting places



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  • The name of the town, as well as the "Innsmouth Academy" in the Savage Coast zone, implies that it is heavily based on the also fictional town of Innsmouth and Kingsport, towns used in a couple of works by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • There are also other references (names of streets, rivers, businesses, etc) to other famous writers such as Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.