The Kingdom

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The Kingdom
Type: Non-player Character
Key people: Saïd
Headquarters: Cairo

First Appearance

Players first encounter the The Kingdom while in the Scorched Desert as they cross paths with Saïd throughout various missions.


In ancient Egypt, several wealthy and powerful people tried to use rituals to give themselves immortality and access to the afterlife [1]. However, something did not go as they planned. And instead of gaining immortality and access to the afterlife they died. Their bodies were mummified and buried, along with all of their wealth - as was the custom of the time. Decades later, they wake up. They have gained a form of immortality, but as ever-living mummies.[1]

In the centuries since then, these mummies have formed an underworld organization known as "The Kingdom". They have used their burial wealth to create more wealth and power, and they are now involved in nearly all major dealings in Egypt - both legal and illegal.

They have no plans for world domination, no interest in the politics or ethics of the various other groups in the Secret World. They serve their own interests. [2]


Their center of power appears to be Cairo, although players never travel there and it is not confirmed [3]

Valley of the Sun God


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Known Agents

Council of Venice Members
Name Role Location
Saïd (aka Saiid) Founding Member al-Merayah
Gamel Saad Agent Butcher Shop
Saeed Hosni Agent Deceased
Hassan Kamil Agent NW of Date Farm