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Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: The Dream Palace
Coords: (681,638)
Partner(s): Ricky Pagan (ex)
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]
Voiced by: [[Kana Koinuma]]

Kaoru works behind the front desk at The Dream Palace. In a outfit that resembles a sailors uniform, done as a dress.



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Yourself #1
Kaoru: I oversee the Love Hotel, come rain, come tsunami, come the falling sky.
Kaoru: I facilitate and mediate for all manner of clients. When you are a guest, I am the answer to all your questions.
Kaoru: Your desires are of more importance than any further details regarding me, yes?
Yourself #2
Kaoru: I would much rather hear all about you.
Yourself #3
Kaoru: You are persistent.
Yourself #4
Kaoru: My parents never spoke of it. I was never aware I was different until other children noticed, that day, on the beach.
Kaoru: Boys and girls can be cruel. I went into the water.
Kaoru: I let the waves take me out. I woke up, washed ashore.
Kaoru: They told me my father had swam out to find me. He never returned.
Yourself #5
Kaoru: I suppose I'm still looking for that serenity I found, when the water carried me away.


Tokyo #1
Kaoru: I came to Tokyo as a teenager. All the lights. At night it was like having fallen into the sky.
Tokyo #2
Kaoru: I worked odd jobs in love hotels. I found value in making myself indispensable.
Kaoru: I performed my tasks. I exceeded expectations. I kept unobtrusive.
Kaoru: That is when I learnt to interact with a wide variety of people, to anticipate the needs of strangers and the strange.
Tokyo #3
Kaoru: These days, I do not venture outside during the day.
Kaoru: But sometimes I slip out at night to gaze upon the water and the reflected starlight.
Kaoru: These nights, I carry a gun with me.

The Dream Palace

The Dream Palace #1
Kaoru: This is my place of work. My job title is...all encompassing. I follow the old lesson, to be indispensable.
The Dream Palace #2
Kaoru: The Love Hotel is a key base of operations for my employers of the purple flag.
Kaoru: It is an access point to Tokyo, both to its over and underworld.
The Dream Palace #3
Kaoru: Once a day, I take my weapon, and sweep the building.
Kaoru: My favourite room would have to be the Captain's Quarters.
Kaoru: I wear the key at all times.

The secret world

Kaoru: I learnt long ago to cater to odd company, to deal and disarm the regulars and rough rabble.
Kaoru: My world has expanded since then. My clientele has become stranger...
Kaoru: ...but really, not all that much stranger. Love hotels have always been a world of secrets.

The Phoenicians

The Phoenicians #1
Kaoru: All of my life, acceptance was elusive.
Kaoru: My employers accept my ability. They judge me solely on what I can accomplish.
Kaoru: I do not have to satisfy any strict societal role. I must only succeed.
The Phoenicians #2
Kaoru: I have heard stories of New Carthage. The floating city. City of dreams.
Kaoru: If I continue to satisfy my superiors, if I overcome my fear of the water, the Phoenicians will take me there someday.
The Phoenicians #3
Kaoru: Imagine. The floating Eden. Away from all prejudice.
Kaoru: Where one will be valued for one's merits and not what lies beneath one's clothes.
Kaoru: I will go there. Someday.


Kaoru: They had some passing business with my employer. That is concluded.

The Bomb

Kaoru: I do not know. I do not want to know.

Fear Nothing

Fear Nothing #1
Kaoru: I had a brief stint with the Fear Nothing Foundation as a teenager. They helped me take steps in overcoming my fear of the water.
Kaoru: I cannot dip my toes just yet, but I learnt to cultivate a respect for all things oceanic.
Kaoru: One step at a time.
Fear Nothing #2
Kaoru: I left Fear Nothing. People saying they want to set you free should not work so hard at possessing you.
Kaoru: They look for youth with certain...vulnerabilities.
Kaoru: I was not as vulnerable as they suspected.

The Council of Venice

Kaoru: I know little of them. I don know they have had conflict with my employer.
Kaoru: Venice strives to perpetuate a villainous reputation for the Phoenicians.
Kaoru: Some of that may be true, but I believe you've had recent occasion to see that the Council's noble facade is not without blemish,
Kaoru: and their organisation not without treachery.'


Kaoru: He was a guest here, for a time. I think he took a fancy to me. Now he is something...less and something more.

Ricky Pagan

Kaoru: I thought Ricky was different. But in the end, when he saw me, the real me, he turned away like all the rest.