Kang Ye-Jin

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Kang Ye-Jin
Kang Ye-Jin.png
Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: Seoul
Location: Lotus Flower
Background Information
Species: Human
Nationality: South Korean
Occupation: Nun
Religion: Christianity
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Jeong-Hwa Yang]]

Kang Ye-Jin is in the courtyard of the Lotus Flower. She appears to be a Catholic nun, based on her collar and cross. She tells you about a dream she has of bearing two children, which is an impossibility considering she is a nun. She loves the two children as they are born, but she becomes terrified when the doctors say, "There's more coming."

She was recruited by the Dragon while she was investigating the Orochi Group's involvement in a string of disappearances of the local youth, although she was unaware of it at the time. She claims the Dragon spoke to her, saying "Emma wants her teddy bear." [1]


Involved In



I kept having this dream where I'm pregnant. Which is silly because...you know. It's twins - a boy and a girl - and they pop out like fireworks. Bang, bang! I'm holding them in my arms and I'm very happy, because I know i'm going to cherish them forever. But then the doctor says, "There's more coming!" More coming?! Suddenly I'm terrified and I start screaming: No! make them turn back! There's no love for any more! Isn't that awful? Anyway, that was a few months ago. I don't dream anymore. I can't even sleep.

The Dragon

At least chaos explains the pain and confusion...in a way. But if I believe that, how can I still believe in... I mean, what if our lives really are directed by the whims of a little boy? He should be stomping in mud, playing on swings! I've always been good with kids - I can sense how they're feeling. He's very wise for his age, and he understands everything that goes on around him. But more than anything else, he's lonely.

The Orochi Group

It started with fewer and fewer youth coming on Sundays. At first I didn't want to chase after them. It's important that people come of their own will. But then it wasn't just the ministry. It was the homework clubs, the community centres, the schools. The kids weren't just not coming anymore. They weren't anywhere! The Dragon began sending me things...beginnings of trails leading to strange programs and clinics. Eventually they sent me train tickets...three leaving in different directions at the same time. The train I chose led me to an Orochi test clinic. That's where I saw the experiments...and found records of three of the children I used to know. I can't imagine the other trains leading anywhere worse than that... Oh God, what if they did?


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