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Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Happy Smiles Kindergarten
Coords: (813,181)
Background Information
Alias: Subject 28
Species: Human
Occupation: Student
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]
Voiced by: [[Archie Lyndhurst]]

Jung is a small boy that was enrolled in the Happy Smiles Kindergarten, a part of the Orochi Group's Rising Star program. When he was born, he quickly displayed supernatural talents and was passed around in the foster care system before being picked up by the Orochi Group, who named him Subject 28, and later, Jung. He was bullied at the school and frequently resisted against abusive teachers, and has since been abandoned in the playground since the bomb.



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My biography would not command a high word count. I have not lived very long. Not in realtime. In dreamtime, however, I have lived a vastly more...well...that is a subject too complex to explain to you in this venue. I could squeeze it directly into your mind, but it would hurt, and that is not polite. I was born. My intelligence and psychic abilities were noticed soon after I was born: the capacity to move objects, project images, sift through the thoughts of others. I cannot imagine I was easy to care for in that larval stage, thinking only larval thoughts. What is more primordial than an infant? What is closer to the waters of our amphibian ancestry? What is further from morality? I vaguely remember the faces of my caretakers. The turnover rate was frightfully high. I was enrolled in Orochi's Rising Star program. Never mind my real name. That's locked away in their vaults and mainframes. They called me Subject 28. Later they called me Jung, for my propensity in quoting the famous psychologist's thoughts on the topic of the collective unconscious.


Since the explosion, I have had trouble sensing anything outside Kaidan. The static disruption is significant and perhaps malevolent.

The secret world

The world is not secret to me. All of your minds scream so loudly. I see everyone around me hiding behind glass. Everything is transparent. A rather terrible aquarium. And I keep looking.

The Fear Nothing Foundation

Their minds are highly conditioned. All of the defining sharp angles and edges worn down to a bovine dullness. Their mindscapes look just like those of the Morninglight, only a different season.

The Orochi

The Orochi controlled the specialized school system, their Rising Star program. Their hubris was so obnoxious, as was being taught by individuals whose intelligence was several orders of magnitude below mine, to be constantly surrounded by such people. I do my best to be patient and polite. Like right now, for example.

The White Rabbit

I could detect an erratic collection of thoughts. Hippity-hoppit thoughts. It hopped about so fast, it was as if they were in many places at once. They are nasty thoughts, and very very fast thoughts... even for the speed of thought.

Ground Zero

The signal is cutting off its own patterns, shedding what's left of its identity, so that it can become something else.

The Playground

I'm not surprised that I was left behind. I am certainly not bitter. My gifts allow me to protect myself and this playground. It is mine now. All the past humiliations here are just echoes. They are nothing. Loneliness is just craving for something containing nought but empty calories.


  • The psychologist that Jung is name for and quotes, is Carl Jung