John Galahad

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John Galahad
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Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: London
Location: Ealdwic Park
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Neil Newbon]]

John Galahad appears to believe he is the reborn knight Galahad of King Author's era. Spending his days in Ealdwic Park, he is a decent source of information about the goings-on in London although he does not seem to be aligned with the Templars. He is also companion and champion of Callie James.


Involved In

width Virgula Divina - Tier 4 objective takes you to Callie James, but John Galahad talks during the cutscene as well.



  • Yourself #1:
John Galahad: I am but an errant, foolish knight,
John Galahad: my sword-hand pierced upon the thorns of courtly love.
John Galahad: Truly, I have courted all as if romance is my Questing Beast.
John Galahad: So many maidens, draped in mysterious heraldry:
John Galahad: the houses of Dolce, Gabbana, Dior, Gucci.
  • Yourself #2:
John Galahad: I returned to Lundenwic six years past, though it seems I hae lost centuries in a pleasurable fugue.
John Galahad: This age is so strange, and yet, and yet...
John Galahad: The May Queen still assumes a new form each year, as do those mistresses hitherto unknown to me:
John Galahad: Miss June, Miss July, and so forth.
John Galahad: I have kept extensive records of their illustrated literature.
  • Yourself #3:
John Galahad: Oh, the One True King thought I gave myself too fully to chivalric pursuits.
John Galahad: But to woo is as much my life's work as to defend his realm.
John Galahad: And I weep at where his chasteness left him.
John Galahad: Slumbering forever in Avalon, alone,
John Galahad: where once his marital bed was most accommodating.


  • London #1:
John Galahad: My charge, as a knight of the round, is to safeguard this grove from the coming darkness.
John Galahad: For lo, ages past, the Grail cup was brought here -
John Galahad: aflame with golden nectar, supped from Gaia's fertile bosom!
Callie James: Sometimes you take tree-hugging to a new and creepy place, John.
John Galahad: Yet you too feel the pull of magick,
John Galahad: passionate, even sensual, to this ancient oak.
John Galahad: That is why light and life have thrived in its great shade, blossomed, become ripe.
John Galahad: Heavy in fruit... 'Tis too much?
Callie James: Tis way, way too much.
John Galahad: When first I arrived, the Templars challenged my right,
John Galahad: claiming this "park" was theirs alone to ward.
John Galahad: Also, that my dalliances with those ravishing twin sisters were improprietous.
John Galahad: In both affairs, their understanding of the pursuit of beauty is so sadly wanting.
John Galahad: Mark my speech, this is nothing less than the city's most sacred place.
John Galahad: Only a lover could defend it.


  • Ealdwic #1:
John Galahad: Indeed, 'tis a storied cast of players who inhabit these Ealdwic grounds.
John Galahad: Fairie ken, knights true, mighty sorcerers -
John Galahad: perhaps the ages have not changed so much.
John Galahad: And the temptresses...such temptresses,
John Galahad: of every hue, every colour of tress...
  • Ealdwic #2:
John Galahad: Many times over have I been advised to keep to my own affairs.
John Galahad: At least, many are the times I recall the term "affair" being brandished.
  • Ealdwic #3:
John Galahad: Thus it was with great cautiousness of judgement that I took in the fair Callie of the tartans.
John Galahad: Yet a knight without a squire is as a lance that thrusts untrue.
John Galahad: And none could ask for a squire more fiery and independent than she.
John Galahad: Fervent were her virtuous rejections, and I have responded twofold,
John Galahad: sixfold, a score fold with renewed oaths of eternal fealty.
  • Ealdwic #4:
John Galahad: Would that I recall the words once she spake...
John Galahad: Ah, yes, yes.
John Galahad: "John, your sword is not going anywhere near my stone."
John Galahad: Ah! Such japery!

The Templars

  • The Templars #1:
John Galahad: I harboured such hope that Templars and I would share in the bonds of chivalrous kinship.
John Galahad: Our nights enlivened by the camaraderie between young minds.
John Galahad: The vigorous debate of cardinal virtues!
John Galahad: Alas, I have been expelled from their halls again and again,
John Galahad: even as I protested the profundity, the genuineness of my feelings on this matter.
Callie James: There are kind of laws against the way you profoundly and genuinely feel things.
John Galahad: I suffered them to cast doubt upon my honour and knightly lineage.
Callie James: I had to suffer them casting you into the street without your clothes. That was an eyeful.
John Galahad: I had partaken of the pool!
John Galahad: I could not fault their zealotry, their humility leaves much to be desired.
John Galahad: Tis not a knight's place to impose his order upon the world.
John Galahad: For whom do the Templars rule, themselves or the people of the land?
John Galahad: Verily, I would pine for the counsel of my lost brothers in forgotten Camelot,
John Galahad: were there not so many...distractions.
John Galahad: Beautiful, beautiful distractions.

The Secret World

  • The Secret World #1:
John Galahad: Ah, le monde invisible,
John Galahad: a stranger creature never did I encounter in all my travails.
John Galahad: Tis a darkened veil, drawn down between us and the lives of good common menfolk and women.
John Galahad: Who celebrates the May rain?
John Galahad: How different the stories told around the glow of "television?" If any tell at all.
John Galahad: I am rebuked by Templars and others, should I recount my deeds to a passing maiden by way of courtship.
John Galahad: Even said maiden regards me with sly incredulity, and speaks:
John Galahad: "You don't half talk funny, John, just buy me a drink."
Callie James: I found him out at the tower blocks, once, asking them to let down their cornrows.
John Galahad: And yet, and yet.
John Galahad: When children give me audience, I am reassured that they still
John Galahad: dream of being comely princesses, bold knights, players of ball games.
John Galahad: Fair Callie, is this not the real life?
John Galahad: Am I just a phantasie?
John Galahad: Art thou caught in a landslide?
John Galahad: Ha! You jest.
John Galahad: But I think it be the jest of love.


  • Excalibur #1:
John Galahad: Excalibur!
John Galahad: The singer, the opener, the ender.
John Galahad: You should know the One True King wielded it like a sunrise,
John Galahad: and lo, every face in the land was upturned to it, living an dead.
'John Galahad: Twas Gaia herself who proffered the blade to him: in one story from a pool of golden honey,
John Galahad: in another from a well of blackest night.
John Galahad: Merlin told me both. I know not which was more true: he was touched in the head, mayhaps driven so for jealousy of Morgana's thighs.
John Galahad: Yet that is another tale, one I fear I could not recount in the detail its ravishing subject deserves.
Callie James: Never mind the psycho redhead, what happened to the sword?
John Galahad: Like that flame-haired sorceress, it passed on...
John Galahad: dreamlike
John Galahad: It came upon us to unlock the mysteries of the world, and then it disappeared,
John Galahad: back among them.
John Galahad: Never did I set eyes on it again.
John Galahad: The ghosts of Avalon still repeat its song.


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