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We are already exiles, but without nobility, we are nothing. - Leaderboards


Jinn are creatures of the elements. So far we have only seen fire Jinn, but it can be assumed there should be other types as well.


The Jinn are found mostly in Valley of the Sun God (Valley of the Sun God), along with the hellish planes of their exiled home.

Jinn can be defined by two basic passions - A long-lived and deep-seated hatred of humans, and also a deep love and respect for earth/Gaia. While their preference would be to go to war and wipe humans out completely, they have been reluctant to do so because of the harm that such a war would cause the planet.


  • Fire Jinn


Monster - Jinn
Name Objective
The Fallen Kill 10 Jinn
The Dispossesed Kill 25 Jinn
The Agony Kill 50 Jinn
The Summoner's Tale Kill 100 Jinn
Paradise Lost Kill 500 Jinn
Exorcist Kill 1,000 Jinn
Jinn Dynasty Kill 5,000 Jinn
Fire Walk With Me Kill 10,000 Jinn

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