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The Last Train to Cairo

(Update 1.6)

A Dream to Kill

(Update 1.7)

The Venetian Agenda

(Update 1.8)

The Black Signal

(Update 1.9)

  • Cataphile - Dash throuh the Venetian sewers and complete the underground portion of "Venice Sinking" in 4 minutes, 30 seconds.
  • Master of the Metro - Make it through the Kaidan Subway without Sarah healing you or letting her die.
  • Dignity Intact - Defeat Ibaraki without falling into the cistern.
  • Lord of the Lot - Exit the parking garage on foot without dying.
  • The Lost Letters - Read all of Kinji's letters in the Fear Nothing Foundation.
  • The Counsellor's Journal - Read all of the counsellor's journal pages in the Fear Nothing Foundation.
  • Home Alone - Reach Yuichi without suffering a single trap.

Nightmares in the Dream Palace

(Update 1.10)

  • Doing it Right - Defeat the Priest of the Blinding Light without allowing him to resurrect any member of his congregation.
  • Doing it Wrong - Defeat the Priest of the Blinding Light after allowing him and ten of his risen congregation to attack you simultaneously.
  • Losing Your Religion - Earn both the Doing it Right and Doing it Wrong achievements.
  • Flawless Victory - Avoid getting hit by Akashi's Chef's Fury attack in the Dreamscape.
  • Dance-Dance Execution - Avoid getting hit by Yakuza gunfire in the Dreamscape.
  • Only the Oni - Kill 9 Oni in the Dreamscape.
  • Love Hotel Hero - Earn the following three achievements in the Dreamscape: Flawless Victory, Dance-Dance Execution, and Only the Oni.
  • Wards Will Never Hurt Me - Complete the Yasuraka Safehouse without breaking the Oni wards.

Reaping the Whirlwind

(Update 1.11.2)

  • Quick Reaction Force - Complete the mission "Assault on Orochi Tower" within 6 minutes.
  • Become a Terrible Thought - Proceed through all beta security floors, without being caught and without taking any damage.
  • Oh Hi Mark! - Defeat the main threat of an omega security floor, while posing as an Orochi employee.
  • Build me up, tear me down - Obtain both the Tower Crawler and Tower Cartographer achievements.
  • Tower Crawler - Obtain 66 Beta, Omega or Boardroom security keycards in Orochi Tower.
  • Tower Cartographer - Obtain a Beta, Omega, or Boardroom keycard from every accessible floor in Orochi Tower.
  • Hachi kiipaa - Reach the elevator to the Penthouse without killing any Mitsubachi.
  • Dance of Death - Defeat Uta without taking any damage from Sweep, Lunge, or Let There Be Blood.
  • I've got the power! - Defeat a rare boss with your Ultimate ability.
  • Annalist - Collect all the lore in the The Orochi Tower, The Mitsubachi, and Lillith categories.
  • Penthouse Protégé - Complete the Orochi Tower Penthouse on Nightmare difficulty.
  • Rabbit Season - Defeat Uta in under 3 minutes without allowing her to rage.

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