Issue 5 mission pack

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Issue 5 mission pack.png

This is the Downloadable content for Update 1.5.

It grants full access to the "The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn" mission chain, which includes the following missions:

It also allows access to the mission that lets you acquire the Quantum, the Auxiliary weapon introduced in this issue.

This can be purchased from the Item Store. The cost of this item is a bit complex, because it was released while The Secret World was transitioning from a subscription model to a buy-to-play model.

  • For users who had a subscription before 31 December 2013
    • The mission pack is included with their subscription, and so it is free. You buy it from the Item Store with a cost of 0 Funcom Points
  • For users who did not have a subscription before 31 December 2013

Once purchased, each character on your account receives the VIP Map, Freeborn.