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  • Fungal Crawler of Leng's loot has been updated to drop a new unique gadget.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Futakuchi-onna to be more rare than she should be.
  • Characters will no longer perform idle animations while wearing a headlamp.
  • Added titles to the achievements "The Venetian Agenda", "The Black Signal", and "Nightmares in the Dream Palace". (Characters who have already obtained these achievements will automatically receive the new titles)


  • Meet Up functionality is no longer limited to players on your team or friends list. So you can go ahead and meet up with strangers. (Even if your parents told you not to.)
  • You can now meet up on other players by right clicking their name in the chat window and selecting "Meet Up"
  • Added an additional Interface Option under Privacy in the Advanced Tab for meet up requests. This option can be set to always ask if someone can meet up, always accept all meetup requests, or always deny all meetup requests.
  • Added a new Interface Option under the HUD tab for selecting which sources to display buffs from. Options include showing buffs from self, team, raid, or all sources.
  • Added a new Interface Option under the HUD tab to force the display of buffs cast by NPCs, regardless of the setting of the source option.
  • Added an Interface Options under the General tab for inverting the simple ground target functionality. When enabled, GTAoE spells will be cast at your target's feet. Holding the simple ground target key will allow you to cast GTAoE spells as normal while the option is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the trade window wouldn't display items offered for trade.
  • Resolved an issue that made the bottom row of pinned inventory bags difficult to use.
  • Resolved an issue where the bottom row of the default inventory bag would be drawn incorrectly while pinned.
  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Rank display on the skills page did not update properly.
  • The gear manager will no longer equip items that are not yet character bound. This will prevent it from unintentionally binding items that players do not wish to bind.
  • Fixed a case where reflections for swapped abilities would show even when reflections were turned off.
  • Added an option to Interface Options / General for enabling and disabling outlines around interactable items.
  • Split item stack popup will no longer try to escape offscreen when attempting to split items near the edge of the screen.
  • Added a bullet point to the con system tooltip to show the target's Rank.
  • Adjusted a number of vendor map markers that were slightly out of place.
  • The Besieged Farmlands Lair Mission Terminal is now using the Mission icon instead of the NPC icon.
  • The NPC map marker category has been renamed to Main Missions.
  • The Missions map marker category has been renamed to Side Missions.
  • Adjusted the layering of map markers so that Main Missions will appear over other markers.
  • Abilities that are on cooldown when swapping to a special hotbar will now properly display their remaining cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where mission givers with exceptionally long names could be cut off in French and German.
  • Fixed a case where certain abilities would sometimes show incorrect enabled/disabled states in the GUI.
  • Fixed an issue where some elements in the Achievements window would not update when gaining an achievement while the window was open.
  • Fixed a case where achievement description text could be overlapped by the completion and reward icons.
  • Changed the layout of reward boxes, completion checks, and achievement points in the achievement UI.


  • Fixed an issue with the NY Buckle that could cause players to lose Protection in certain cases.
  • Fixed spelling error on ODT Type 66 Mk II Anti Demonic Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where some friendly targeted items like Stim Shot - Healing could not be used from the shortcut bar. They will now also default to yourself if you do not have a defensive target.
  • Fixed a tooltip error in Aim of Höðr stating that it would trigger an AoE effect when it does not. Functionality of this item has not changed.
  • Damage dealt by Aim of Höðr should now show in the combat log.
  • Polyhedrons of the Wyrd is now correctly identified as a Luck Talisman in its tooltip.
  • Writhing Lamprey Belt is now correctly identified as a Waist Talisman in its tooltip.
  • Medallion of Tentacular Skies is now correctly identified as a Neck Talisman in its tooltip.



  • Improved all Rating buffs, such as Critical Rating, Hit Rating, Protection, etc, to grant 40 rating per stack.
  • Fixed an issue which caused total Block and Penetration Chance to be calculated higher than they should be. In order to compensate for this change, Minor Penetration and Minor Block have been increased to 15%. Major Penetration, Breaching Shot, and Major Block have been increased to 45%.
  • Increased the base damage of all primary weapon Cone and Column based activated abilities.
  • Passive abilities which trigger when applying Hinder effects will now properly trigger when the state is applied, specifically when the target is immune to the root or snare component.
  • Resolved an issue with the event golem ability "Upheaval" that allowed the ground indicator to be incorrectly removed.
  • Changed Anima Overcharge to have a flat 125 healing instead of being based on the player's heal rating.


  • Fixed an issue where the tooltips for Bomb Squad and Smart Bomb would not update the number of targets affected when a Rampant Augment was used.


  • Fixed an issue which caused Win-Win to cleanse twice as many effects as it should.
  • Upgraded the background color for Gun-Fu and Sticky Drone.
  • Added tooltips to Drone Kit's buffs.

Assault Rifles

  • Accuracy passive now grants 75 Hit Rating.
  • Updated the description of Lock & Load to reflect its global recharge exclusion.
  • Anima Vessel can now only be applied on a target by one character at a time.
  • Upgraded the background color for Lock & Load.
  • Removed the word "direct" from Shadow Medic's tooltip.


  • Reduced the range of Hard Reset to 7.5 metres.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the damage over time effect of Power Line to interact incorrectly with Elemental Force.
  • Upgraded the background color for Flicker.


  • Splatter will now improve Chain attacks to select the extra targets more easily.


  • Removed the cooldown from Pulling the Strings.
  • Updated the description of Smoke and Mirrors to reflect its global recharge exclusion.
  • Upgraded the background color for Chaotic Pull.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Domino Effect impair to not trigger some impair checks.


  • Brandishing Support now grants 40 Defence Rating per resource consumed.
  • Updated the description of Master's House to reflect its global recharge exclusion.
  • Updated the tooltip of Sling Blade to indicate that this ability generates a large amount of additional hate.


  • Fixed an issue where the Critical Rating effect would not work at the same time as the Savage Sweep effect.
  • Updated the description of Reckless to reflect its global recharge exclusion.
  • Bloodsport can now be cleansed.


  • Unstoppable Force will now provide immunity to Root effects.
  • Increased the amount of additional hate generated by Stone's Throw.


  • Agitator's hate increase percentage has been increased to 350%.
  • Under the Radar will no longer add hate to friendly targets.


The Shadowy Forest

  • Singing Stones - An issue that occasionally prevented player progression during this mission has been fixed.

The Carpathian Fangs

  • You Only Die Twice - Resolved an issue where the snowmobile's reduced effectiveness debuffs could persist on a character that left the zone.


  • The Pagans - The following dances will now count towards the final tier of this mission: Zombie Strut, Single Ladies, Billie J, and Anaconda.
  • Message to Hell - Fixed a potential issue which could prevent the mission from solving and the camp from respawning properly.



  • PvP Playfields will now attempt to put players in the first group with an empty slot available.

Fusang Projects

  • Resolved an issue that could occasionally cause Custodians not to move after being fully charged up.

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