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Type: Werewolf
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: 208,253
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: [[]]
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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Irusan is considered a Werewolf for monster kill counts, although it is technically a shape-shifted voodoo loa masquerading as the Celtic cat god Irusan.

Special Abilities

  • Can Cast: Many Mouths
  • Can Cast: From the Dark Sidhe
  • Can Cast: The Clawed Earth
  • Although there is no icon to show it, hitting him with a kockdown or knockback ability actually heals him
  • His attacks are often TAoE without any casting bar to indicate a special ability


There are 3 basic phases to this fight:

Phase 1 (Pre-Fight): Maybe not technically a "Phase", you clean out all the Cat Sidhe found around the Stonehenge stones. Irusan will not engage until this is complete. Once the last Cat Sidhe is killed, Irusan wil start casting The Clawed Earth. Players need to be next to the alter Irusan is standing on, or at least within the inner ring of standing stones, in order to be safe. You have a couple seconds after the last Cat Sidhe is killed to get within the safe area.

Phase 2 (Irusan): This is a fairly simple fight, and a well-equipped Quality Level10 player could even solo it. His main attacks are TAoE attacks that are easily avoided and a cone-shapped AOE attack, Many Months. The only real trick to this fight is DO NOT use any abilities that try to knockdown or knockback Irusan. (Possibly any impairs, but this is unconfirmed). Trying to knock him down actually gives him a significant self-heal, and 2 of these back-to-back could easily put him back to full health. He will also cast The Clawed Earth from time to time which may catch anyone that strays outside of the inner ring of standing stones.

Phase 3 (Cat Sidhe): About every 20 or 25% health, Irusan will become immune, and Cat Sidhe will reappear around Stonehenge again. They are spaced around the standing stones, and have a relatively short aggro range, so players can attack as many as they want - 1 at a time or gather them all up. Fairly easy to fight, just remember to get back to the alter inside the inner ring after killing the last one to avoid the effects of The Clawed Earth as the fight returns to phase 2 and Irusan.

Loot Table


The voice actor for Irusan in the mission cut scenes is André Sogliuzzo