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Type: Werewolf
Difficulty Rating: Unknown
Level: {{{level}}}
Rarity: Rare monster
Damage Type: No Data
HP: 7,059
XP Awarded: 0
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


Incognito is an unusual cat-man looking creature that can be found in various locations of Kingsmouth.

He will appear at a location, stay there for a minute or two, and then if not attacked he will disappear to reappear somewhere else.

If he is attacked and killed, a bag will appear. Anyone may use this bag regardless of who initially attacked Incognito, and any number of people can use it. Using the bag gives you an item in your inventory, which when used gives you a Head-o-Lantern in your dressing room. NOTE: the bag disappears within seconds after appearing, so players must use it quickly before it disappears.

Killing Incognito does not give any other loot or achievements, but using the bag to loot the Head-o-Lantern gives the Head Start achievment.

For a map of known possible spawn points, see Map:Incognito

Special Abilities

  • Permanent Effect:
  • Can Cast:

Related Missions

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