Illuminati Cellar (Solo Instance)

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NOTE: This instance is specific to TSW. For the SWL version, see Illuminati Cellar (Instance)

Illuminati Cellar (Solo Instance)
Priest basement.jpg
Map Coordinates: (325,480)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Solo Instance

You enter the Illuminati Cellar (Solo Instance) while on Tier 3 of the The Kingsmouth Code mission. It is the basement of he Priest House, and can only be entered while on that tier of that mission.

NOTE: This is a solo-only instance


Location involved in

width The Kingsmouth Code


  • Entrance for Illuminati Cellar (Solo Instance) is located behind the Priest House on Arkham Avenue.
  • Map coordinates are (325,480)


  • None

Environmental Hazard

  • None