Ice Caves (Solo Instance)

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Ice Caves (Solo Instance)
Region: Shambala
Type: Solo Instance

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You enter the Ice Caves (Solo Instance) upon completion of each of the major storyline quests - Dawning of an Endless Night, Black Sun, Red Sand, and Mortal Sins. While in there, you are addressed by The Dreamer, and each time forced to choose between siding with The Dreamer or rejecting him.

NOTE: This is a solo-only instance.

NOTE: This may also be considered as three separate instances since it is different each time you visit it.


Involved In


  • The layout of these instances are fairly simple with only one direction to move in. Additionally the layout for the instance is different each time you visit it.


  • None

Environmental Hazards

  • None


There is no achievement for the instance itself, but each of the associated missions awards an achievement