Hippie Camp

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Hippie Camp
Hippie Camp.jpg
Map Coordinates: (130,680)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

The Hippie Camp is a small camping site set up by followers of the Morninglight, located north of Kingsmouth Town where some survivors have held their ground. It was named the "Hippie Camp" by "Old" Tom Atkins who demanded that Sheriff Bannerman get these trespessers off his land (In the Trespassers mission).



Starts at location

Found in the camp
width Bringing Sexy Back
Che Garcia Hansson
width Rolls Downhill
width The Pick-Up

Location involved in

width A Light in the Sky
width Trespassers
width The Coming Dawn



  • This location is included in Townie exploration achievement.