High waist trousers

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High waist trousers
High waist trousers, black, female, front.jpg
Gender: Female
Slot: Legs
Source: Women's Streetwear
Price: 100000 Pax Romana

While described as "High Waist", these pants are only "high" when compared to the most modern low-rise styles - they are definitely much lower than what would traditionally be considered "high-waisted".

There appears to be no zipper on them, so perhaps they are some sort of stretch fabric. There is a button in the front along the waist band, as well as three decorative buttons along each front pocket.

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The High waist trousers are available in the following colors

  • Black - More of a medium grey
  • Blue - A medium-to-dark blue-grey
  • Green - A medium-light subdued green
  • Striped - The pants are medium red. But, unlike the other colors the waist, pockets, and buttons are a different color than the main fabric. In this case, white.


Black Blue
High waist trousers, black, female.jpg High waist trousers, blue, female.jpg
Green Striped
High waist trousers, green, female.jpg High waist trousers, striped, female.jpg

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