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This help page provides the basic guidelines to creating a location article.

Article name

The name of the page should be the exact name of the location in the game.


When uploading the image, it is better if the file name matches the article name. This will make templates automatically find the image when required to. The location Kingsmouth has a media file named Kingsmouth.jpg that is automatically used on the page. If the image is going to be used in the thumb box template for the quick links pages, it's better if the image is square, or tall rather than wide.

Where format is concerned, .jpg is preferred to other file types. If transparency is absolutely needed, than .png can be used. Most info boxes can have the file type they use overwritten with |filetype=png placed inside the template.

If the image is unable to be named the same as the article name, than the location info box can have the image path overwritten as well, for example, |image=locationofimage.jpg.

Location template

There is a template named locationbox that should be placed at the top of all location pages. Although there are many variables, only those that are applicable need to be used. The template is as follows:

| region =
| type =
| faction =

region - Some locations may be part of a larger region featured in the game, which should be noted. Other locations may be the region itself, and would not need to have a region listed.

type - The type of location this is. Currently, mostly used to differentiate Player vs. Player and Player versus environment locations.

faction - If there's a faction that owns or controls the majority of the location.


All locations should be categorized. If you're unsure what category they fit into, you should check similar pages. The basic category for locations is Category:Locations