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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Heal (or healing) is the game mechanic that allows abilities or actions to restore the health of a target (player or NPC), or in some cases absorb a set amount of damage.

There are 4 main forms of healing available in the game:

  • Direct Healing - The target is healed instantly. Many of the game's healing abilities offer only small direct healing, and additional effects.
  • Heal over Time - The target is healed for some amount every interval for a fixed duration. Heals over time can often be found on passives, as well as applied from abilities in the Fists tree.
  • Leech Healing - Usually, the friendly target is healed when the enemy target takes damage. Sometimes the effect is on the enemy (allies hitting it heal), sometimes it's on the defensive target (he heals when he attacks). Leech healing can also be used by some particularly advanced and skilled players to make a leech-tank deck that can out-heal the damage it takes. Most leech effects come from Assault Rifle healing abilities.
  • Barrier - Not a traditional form of healing, but listed here because used by healing weapons, it absorbs damage that would have been done to the character. Many Blood Focus healing abilities can apply a barrier.
  • Cleanse - Also not a literal heal, Cleansing refers to the ability to remove harmful debuffs from yourself and/or allies. Cleaning effects are often considered the domain of healers. A few Pistols abilities offer cleanses, and most healing weapons have a method or two as well.

It should be noted that similar effects can stack, but the effects from the same move will not stack unless the description specifies that it does. For example, the move Blood Shield places a small barrier, but used again immediately, does NOT improve the barrier. On the other hand, the barrier provided by Angelic Aegis will stack with the blood-shield barrier. A combination of multiple heal moves is recommended for dedicated healers.

Healing Statistics

Healing Statistics act much like Offensive Statistics, except instead of inflicting damage, you're curing it.

  • Healing Power - A product of your Healing Rating and your Weapon Rating.
    • Healing Rating - Affected by your Talismans and Glyphs, this contributes to how much Healing you can cause.
    • Weapon Rating - Taken directly from your weapon(s), your weapon rating also contributes to how much healing you can cause.
  • Critical Rating - Influences your Critical Chance for healing, just as it does for your attacks.
    • Critical Chance - A rough percentage of how likely you are to inflict a Critical Heal.
  • Critical Power Rating - This influences your Critical Power, or the amount of additional health you recover with Critical Heals.
    • Critical Power - This is a percentage of the health your healing effects recover, which is then added onto Critical Heals.


For a list of starter Classes that are primarily focused on Healing, see Healer Classes