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Gender: Unisex
Slot: Hat
Source: Incognito

This is a Jack-o-lantern you can wear on your head as a hat. Unlike most other jack-o-lantern hats, it is somehow light up from inside.


  • One possible drop from the bag that can be looted after killing Incognito
    • It is only available during the Samhain seasonal event. Killing Incognito spawns a bag that any and all in the area can use (NOTE: Use, with a cogwheel click, not loot like a lootbag). Using the bag places an item in your inventory which when used gives you the Head-O-Lantern in your dressing room.


  • There are no alternative options for this item


Other Information

  • Looting the bag and getting the Head-O-Lantern gives you the achievement Head Start.