Haugbui Mother

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Haugbui Mother
Draug Broodsource.jpg
Level: Normal: 12
Elite: ??
Nightmare: ??
Type: Draug
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
HP: Normal:17,543
XP Awarded: Normal:??
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: The Polaris


The Haugbui Mother is the fourth boss encounter in The Polaris dungeons. She is a Matriarch variant of Draug.

Special Abilities

  • Permanent Effect: Triggers – Buff on the boss so that when she applies a penetrating hit, the target receives a Bleeding counter.
  • Can Cast: Corpulent Slam – Frontal cone damage, can be interrupted.
  • Can Cast: Eversion – Boss splits into 3 Sea Horrors.
  • Can spawn adds named Volatile Host which explode if not killed quickly enough.


There are 2 basic phases to this fight.

Phase 1: You fight her as you find her.

  • Avoid her slam attack
  • Kill any adds as soon as they appear before continuing to kill her
  • When she starts a red-mist looking AoE, which is Eversion back out of it and phase 2 will start.
  • If you have high DPS there is a risk you can kill her before she finishes casting Eversion. Should this happen you will not receive any loot for this stage.

Phase 2: After casting Eversion she splits into 3 separate Sea Horror mobs

  • Nothing complicated to this fight other than watching for DPS grabbing aggro of one of the 3 versions.
  • In Nightmare mode, someone will need to use a group cleanse ability (e.g. Cleanup) when Eversion is cast.