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Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Hyakumonogatari Heights
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Harumi Nakahara is an overcaffeinated genius-level teenaged hacker devoted to gaming, her older brother Yuichi, and Bingo Cola. She gives out missions at two sites that can be unlocked in Kaidan. To meet her, players must overcome the boobytraps that, to protect Yuichi, she has set throughout Kaidan's Hyakumonogatari Heights apartment building where he cares for him in their deceased parents' apartment. She is known as "Rum" to her brother and "NeuromancerQueen99" to the online world, having scrawled the moniker over the Orochi Group homepage (briefly visible to players who visited it online). She pretends to be gaming when actually controlling Orochi mech units in Kaidan to attack the Filth, and with the player's help in mission Neuromancy and the Art of Making Friends becomes able to hack into and control all uncorrupted Orochi mechs in the region including Security Five, through which she can give missions atop the overpass connecting Manticore Plaza and the Orochi Docks.



Involved in

  • width Spiral - The mission ends when you get to her


  • None, you only speak with her during mission cut scenes

Other Information

  • In order to get to Harumi without re-running the mission Spiral, there is an elevator at the back of her building, at (445,831) that will let you go direct to her floor once you've completed Spiral once.