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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Hammer users generate rage when dealing damage with hammer abilities or when taking damage. Certain hammer abilities can spend rage to cause additional effects.

Hammers are one of the primary weapon abilities. They are Melee weapons, with most abilities having a range of 3-meters.

Hammers are primarily associated with with abilities that focus on making enemies Impaired or Weakened, attacking with Strike or Blast attacks, and landing Critical hits. They are also one of the primary Tanking weapons in the game with abilities that focus on Aggro Control and Damage Mitigation. They are primarily suited for the role of Tanking, but can also be used for DPS builds.


Special Ability

The Special Ability for Hammers is called Rage.

Whenever you are attacked by an enemy, you gain 1 point of Rage. Whenever you attack an enemy with a Hammer ability while you have less than 50 rage stored, you gain an additional amount of rage (the amount is listed in the abilities description). You are able to store up to 100 Rage. The hammer icon on the screen represents 50 Rage. It will fill up once, and then can fill up a second time with a darker color.

Once you have at least 50 rage stored, using a Hammer Power Ability, you get a unique bonus. The nature of that bonus is dependent on the ability used, and will be listed in the description.

Active Abilities

Active abilities are broken down into three paths - Brute Force, Brawn, Grit

Brute Force: focuses on Damage and includes:

  • Smash - [5 AP, Active Basic, Single Attack, Single Target] - Strike quickly with your hammer, dealing 6 physical damage. Generates 5 rage.
  • Razor Shards - [10 AP, Active Power, Single Attack, PBAoE, Modified by: Shatter] - PBAoE that affects up to 6 enemies with in a 5 meter radius around you. Slam the ground with your hammer, sending razor sharp shards of earth flying in all directions. Deals 6 Physical damage and generates 6 Rage per target hit. When Enraged: Shatter the earth beneath you, making larger shards impale affected enemies. Does 4 Physical Damage very second for 5 seconds and consumes 50 rage.
  • Seethe - [10 AP, Active Special, Resource Builder, Self, Modified by: Outrage] - Focus your anger to gain 4 Hammer Energy. This ability does not trigger and is not affected by global recharge time.
  • Demolish - [10 AP, Active Power, Single Attack, Single Target, Modified by: Obliterate] - Crush your target with the full weight of your hammer, dealing 15 physical damage. Generates 25 Rage. When Enraged: Unleash your anger on your target improving the damage dealt to 36 physical damage. Instead of generating Range, this attack consumes 50 Rage.
  • Eruption - [20 AP, Active Elite, Single Attack, Column, Modified by: Annihilate] - Affects up to 6 enemies in a 6 metre wide by 9 metre long area in front of you. You smash your hammer into the ground, creating a column of molten spikes in front of you that sends enemies into the air, purges 1 beneficial effect, and deals 24 physical damage. Applies Exposed. 7 Rage per target hit.

See the individual ability pages for more details, or Hammer abilities for a consolidated list

Passive Abilities

There is one passive skill that feeds into all paths, and then 5 (unnamed) paths of passive abilities

See the individual ability pages for more details, or Hammer abilities for a consolidated list


Main article: Classes

The following starter Classes incorporate Hammer Weapons into their build, and the 'role' they serve.




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Weapons Deep Dive, Hammer - See also Weapons Deep Dive


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Generic Blades

Name Icon Worn Held Description
Unknown Icon.png Worn.png Held.png <<Description

Named Blades

Name Icon Worn Held Description
Unknown Icon.png Worn.png Held.png <<Description

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