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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Hammer/tsw are one of the weapon-based skill sets in the Melee skill wheel. Hammer/tsw include a variety of large 2-Handed weapons which appear on player character slung over their back. Many Hammer abilities fall into the Strike and Blast categories, and are well suited to damage and tanking roles. They are associated with debilitated, critical hits, critical damage, hate, area effects, block, and glance.


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Hammers skills are split into damage and survivability aspects.

  • Damage: Momentum - Your Hammer abilities build up Momentum. When the Momentum count reaches 5, your next Hammer ability will deal more damage. (12% more at 1 skill point).
  • Survivability: Thick Skin - Blocking an attack further reduces the damage dealt to you. (4% reduction at 1 skill point)


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All Active Abilities require a hammer in order to function. Passive Skills do not require a weapon, but some Passive Abilities modify a specific Active Ability that may require one.

As with all Abilities, the player can only use one Elite Active Ability and one Elite Passive Ability at any one time.

A list of Hammers abilities can be found here


Main article: Weapons

All active skills here require the use of an ability specific-type weapon. Passive skills do not require a weapon, but some passives modify a specific active skill, which in turn requires the use of a specific weapon.

More specific information on Shotgun weapons can be found here


Main article: Deck

The following are decks which incorporate Hammers into their build, and the 'role' they serve.

  • Bodyguard -- [Illuminati] Tank/DPS hybrid with high personal protection and the ability to deal with many enemies using weakening blast attacks.
  • Crusader -- [Templar] Ranged DPS with Single-Target attack focus.
  • Goon -- [Illuminati] Melee Tank focusing on glancing blows and self healing.
  • Illusionist -- [Illuminati] Melee DPS best against a single enemy, does more damage to low health targets.
  • Puritan -- [Templar] Melee/Ranged DPS concentrating on strike attacks, exploits close range.
  • Warlock -- [Templar] Tanking, focused on survivability and blocking.
  • Warlord -- [Dragon] Melee DPS using group control and impairment, AoE and knockdown attacks.
  • Witch Hunter -- [Templar] Melee support with numerous debuffs and impairments alongside exploits to restore health and resources.


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