Halloween Party Pack

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Samhain bag icon.png
Halloween Party Pack
Binds when Picked Up Unique
Be the spirit of the season and grant ghastly gifts to up to 20 nearby revelers. Open to receive one common item and an additional uncommon, epic or rare item to yourself and up to 20 nearby revelers.

This is a special item that can only be acquired during the Samhain seasonal event. When opened, it will give you two random items. One of Common rarity, and one that is either Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), or Epic (Purple).

When you open the pack, up to 20 people around you will also be given 2 random items from the lists. If there are at least 10 people around you that get items, you will earn the Party Cubed achievement.


Other Information

You will get one common item, randomly selected from the list below:

You will get one item from either the Uncommon, Rare, or Epic lists

Weapons ▪ Assault Rifle ▪ Pistols ▪ Shotgun ▪ Blade ▪ Fists ▪ Hammer ▪ Blood Focus ▪ Chaos Focus ▪ Elemental Focus
Talismans ▪ Head ▪ Finger ▪ Neck ▪ Wrist ▪ Luck ▪ Waist ▪ Occult
Consumables ▪ Elixir ▪ Energy Drink ▪ Ambrosia ▪ Anima ▪ Food▪ Gadget ▪ Vanity
Assembly ▪ Glyph ▪ Signet
Other ▪  Bag ▪  Makeup ▪ Pet ▪ Mission ▪  Theatre ▪  Clothing
TSW-Only Items
Weapons ▪ Chainsaw ▪ Rocket Launcher ▪ Quantum ▪ Whip▪ Flamethrower
Assembly ▪ Toolkit ▪ Materials