Guts and Gory

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AbilityBackgroundMagic.pngGuts and Gory.pngAbilityBorderNormal.png
Weapon BM
Cell Possession
Cost 27 AP
Type Active
Target TAoE
Cast Time (s) Instant
Recharge (s) Instant
Consumes 3 resources
Exploits State Impaired
Applies Effect Major Penetration Chance
Improvement Abilities Thicker Than Water
  • Consumes 3 Blood Resources. Can be powered by your own health.
  • A TAoE attack that deals 81 magical damage. If any target is Impaired, you gain the Major Penetration Chance effect, which increases your Penetration Chance by 40% for 6 seconds.

Note: Damage and Healing amounts listed are base amounts on a new character and will be modified by item ratings.